Angie and Clint: Four of a kind

The main man in Angelina Jolie’s life these days seems not to be her paramour, Sagittarius Brad Pitt, but rather her most recent director Clint Eastwood. The two have been cozy since filming started, sharing many meals together and gushing over their mutual admiration. Last night Hollywood swooned with excitement and surprise when Angelina unexpectedly arrived to present Clint with the Director of the Year award at the Hollywood Film Festival Awards. She was just back from Afghanistan, natch. 

This should come as no surprise since both Angie and Clint are Geminis and people of the same sign tend to adore one another! Especially Geminis, since they find other Geminis are much less likely to fault them for their sometimes scattered and disorganized ways. Instead they just encourage each others unconventional ideas and pursuits. Angie and Clint share a very tight Gemini bond as well since their birthdays are only 5 days apart. Clint is May 30, Angie is June 4. Again this makes them very capable of tapping into one anothers creative energy. Which is great when that’s what your job requires! Expect “Changeling” to do very well come awards season..