Dear Libra,

It is no big secret that you have a difficult time making up your mind. This option? That option? You, fair-minded Libra, are able to see value in both alternatives and can be alternately empowered by your wealth of choices or crippled by indecision. This year appears to be a grounding, stabilizing year for you in that sense. The new moon in Libra falls in the 2nd house of personal finance and resources, indicating that this is a time for you to put down some roots somewhere and start slowly making strides towards living the life that you want to be living.

The restlessness and impatience that you have been feeling recently is Saturn going through Virgo tying up all kinds of loose end. The problem is… you can’t figure out what new beginnings are starting once those loose ends are tied up. But there are changes and new beginnings on the horizon and all that will be revealed to you this year. You will be guided mostly in these adjustments by Pluto and Jupiter. Pluto, in the 4th house of home, will be shaking things up on the homefront. You could end up moving, for any number of reasons, but they will probably be initiated by you. Jupiter on the other hand, will be in the 5th house of fun and romance. Expect some adventure and good times, but be careful of excess and over-indulgence. There could be love interests popping up out of the blue but disappearing just as fast. The good news though is that you will be learning some good lessons from these experiences that will help you as you get going in the next chapter of your life.

With both Mars and Venus in your 3rd house of communication, you are feeling the need to make your voice heard. In fact, tending to your personal perspective and needs are the defining characteristics for your year ahead. As a Libra, you tend to make huge efforts to balance your needs with the other people in your life. This year will be one of those years when you are tested to make sure that you are taking care of yourself first. Saturn in the 1st house of self opposite Uranus in the 7th house of partners also re-enforce this message. You are being asked to make choices and changes that are right for you (Saturn) but are still dealing with the unpredictable demands of the other people in your life (Uranus). Stay true to your own voice and your own path now.

With Virgo on the ascendant and Taurus on the cusp of the 10th house of career, there is definitely an earth sign emphasis for you this year. Stay focused on the things that are a priority to you and remember that slow and steady wins the race. Read the fine print, take care of the details and be patient. Your intuition will also be strong and will be a big resource for you this year. Writing or sports will be great outlets for you as well as you sort through the decisions you will be making. Be honest with yourself and you’ll sail right through.