October 18, 1987 San Luis Obsipo, CA noon* (time unknown)

Teenage heart-throb of the moment, Zac Efron, is a Libra. There is something about the beguiling Libra man that is at once deeply sexy but also non-threatening enough that younger women are enthralled but not intimidated by their masculinity. This is because Libra is the sign of balance and in the most basic sense, most Libra men have learned to live in harmony with their feminine side. So hormonal adolescent women, while desiring masculine good looks, also require the fantasy of chivalry and princesses that the always cordial and polite Libra man also offers. If only all men were so charming! But after all, it is often just a fantasy.. as Libra men also know how to use their good looks and good manners to get up to no good.

But it seems like so far, young Zac Efron has risen to the cream of the crop of the tweenie bopper set by keeping his head firmly on his shoulders. This is thanks in part to his practical Virgo moon sign, which enjoys striving for perfection in whichever artistic field strikes their fancy. He is indeed probably quite serious about acting and pragmatic when it comes to choosing his career path. He has recently even cited Scorpio Leonardo diCaprio as a former child star whose meticulously deliberate career trajectory he admires. There is in fact a very strong Scorpio quality about Efron. He has three planets [Mercury, Venus and Pluto] in Scorpio . His Venus, planet of love and beauty, is exactly conjunct intense Pluto adding to his smoldering sex appeal and indicating that he thrives in passionate relationships. All of this Scorpio energy also shows that he carefully cultivates his public image and fiercely guards his private side. There is certainly quite a lot about him that we do not know.

Efron also has two planets, Saturn and Uranus, conjunct in Sagittarius. His girlfriend, Vanessa Hudgens, is a Sagittarius and her sun activates these planets in his chart, showing that there is a huge amount of unpredictability and volatility (Uranus) in their relationship but that they are serious about each other and in some ways feel indebted to one another (Saturn). After all, they have helped one another get much further ahead throughout this whole HSM era than either one could have gotten alone. But there is also a lot of tension with this aspect. Expect things to end, amicably, once the HSM3 press bonanza dies down.