Reese Witherspoon: Never Looked Better

The very gorgeous, very talented and very well paid Ms. Reese Witherspoon posed for the November issue of Vogue and continued to dazzle everyone with her post-divorce makeover. Just goes to show how being in a relationship with somebody who is astrologically compatible does wonders for you.

Aries Reese was previously married to Virgo Ryan Philippe. Aries and Virgos are not a good match. Aries are free-spirits who loathe restrictions and convention. When feeling neglected, Virgos tend to be picky, critical and demanding. You get the picture. Now Reese is with Sagittarius Jake Gyllenhaal, a fellow fire sign. If anybody needs freedom and adventure as much as the Aries, it’s the Sagg (ok, Aquarians are up there as well). These two thrive on supporting each other in their individual efforts.

To make it an even rosier picture, both Reese and Jake have earth sign moons, showing that their emotional natures are harmonious as well. Reese’s Capricorn moon shows her pragmatic, achievement-oriented side, while Jake’s Taurus moon shows that beneath his globe-trotting Sagg exterior, he enjoys the comfort of a stable, loving partnership. Unless they seriously disagree about what they both want out of life, I see a happy ending for this couple.