Dearest Virgo,

I know it hasn’t exactly been the easiest year for you. Indecision is a bitch, especially when you feel like everybody is breathing down your back. Or worse yet, you feel like you have repeatedly been trying to jam a square peg into a round hole, and you are finally on the verge of admitting defeat. If you still feel like there is a giant grey cloud hiding the answers from you, don’t worry, that cloud will be lifted in the year to come. I cannot promise that you will necessarily like the writing on the wall when it is revealed, but after all of tumult you have been through, I think you must be on the verge of just begging for the band-aid to be ripped off at this point. Rest assured, things have nowhere to go but up.

All of this stress has been brought into your life by humorless Saturn slowly making its way through Virgo for the past year, cautiously checking up on each one of you like Santa Claus with his “naughty” or “nice” list. If you have been consistent, patient, hard-working and very focused in the past several years then it is possible that you are experiencing the “never been better” side of Saturn. The side of Saturn that gives you a well deserved promotion or a nice big engagement ring for your efforts. If this is the case, congratulations!! You deserve it. But you don’t need my help. That is reserved for those of you who have been juggling several options, trying to make things work that seem to be infuriatingly slow-paced and keeping the lid on a temper tantrum as best you can.

There is good news and bad news here. Bad news first. The bad news is that I cannot promise you that this year will be peachy keen; the truth is that many of the issues that have been plaguing you have appeared for an encore. The good news is that you are feeling much more in control. You have been experiencing life recently fromt the vantage point of a patient Virgo goal-keeper trying to defend yourself from cantankerous Uranus opposite you in Pisces throwing unexpected curveballs from every direction. Well you will get a rest from Uranus this year. Better yet, you will be getting lots of positive reinforcement from two very powerful allies, Pluto and Jupiter. Pluto will be propelling you forwards this year almost as if he were your secret benefactor, whispering in your ear while you sleep, giving you all kinds of fantastic ideas, and better yet a tremendous willfulness and magneticism to attract them into your life. And Jupiter will be front and center, like an optimistic cheerleader, encouraging you forwards.

With Capricorn on the ascendant, your career could very well be the big story this year. You want to work. You are feeling all kinds of creative energy in that area, and you are making important social connections that will help you get to where you want to be going. In fact, you are practically irresistible to others this year, with Mars, Mercury and Venus all conjunct in sociable Libra. Working your professional and personal connections is going to be hugely helpful. Your extended family is another big story this year. They could be helping put all of these connections together on the career front, or you could just be getting back into the fold with them after an absence. Those relationships are, of course, definitely worth cultivating for many reasons.

Some of the most interesting people you meet this year could be from another place. They could even be romantic interests. Take as many trips as possible. And step outside of your daily grind and try new things. Sports, classes, religious groups.. if you feel the urge to try it out then go for it.

But mostly this year there is just going to be a sense of relief that you don’t have to be so defensive all the time, warding off unexpected challenges to the point of exhaustion. But rather you will be working in a more pro-active way, feeding off of a fire that is buring within you to achieve some sort of goal or desired outcome. Trust this inner voice, let it remind you when to speak and when to listen. Remember the lessons that you have been learning recently, but know that all of this energy is conspiring to help you regain your confidence and momentum. And it is precisely by doing THIS that all of the problems you have been rehashing over and over will solve themselves.


JANUARY 2009: Now is your time to shine. Others will practically be tripping over themselves to get close to you, so play it cool (but not too cool) and enjoy. You can also make some excellent business contacts now. Just don’t make promises you can’t keep.

MAY 2009: Love is in the air. Take some time for yourself to just enjoy the beauty and friendships that surrounds you and remember how lucky you are. Picnics in the park may do more for your soul than you ever imagined.

JULY 2009: You are in synch with the other people in your life and feeling great. You need a happy home to return to and you have finally gotten it all squared away. If you are looking to get married or formalize any kind of partnership, now is the time to do it.