Stormy September: Saturn & Uranus

Is it just me or have the past few weeks been a bit more stressful than usual? Everything just seems to be… annoying. People are canceling appointments, delays are standard, messages are going missing, misunderstandings are rampant and frustration is in the air. Lots of people have been asking me about just what the hell is going on…

And there is, of course, an astrological explanation. We are in the midst of a disruptive and drawn out opposition between Saturn in Virgo and Uranus in Pisces. It will be in effect for the next two years or so. It is being uber-exacerbated right now because the sun has joined Saturn in Virgo. The exact conjunction between these two was last week. The exact opposition between the sun and Uranus was yesterday. Saturn is hard nosed, discipline minded and makes things take much longer to complete than wanted. Uranus throws unexpected obstacles from every direction. In opposition, expect some reality checks and a lot of hard work peppered with an abundance of exciting advancements and unforeseen setbacks.

Also adding to the confusion this month is the fact this past Monday the 8th, both Jupiter and Pluto moved from retrograde to direct motion. The truth is that whether the planets are moving from direct to retrograde motion or from retrograde back to direct, this period of transition is unpleasant and unpredicatable. Think of it as a kind of limbo. But rest assured, the movement of these two important outer planets back into direct motion will be a good thing… just as soon as the sun leaves Virgo and makes its way ino Libra on the 23rd. Then we can have a little distance from Saturn and Uranus, and in this case distance is a good thing. Hang in there!