Dear Leo,

You know that feeling where there is so much going on under the surface, a volcano of desires and passions, but you can’t help but be frustrated by the short sighted limitations and barriers set up by others? Kiss those feelings goodbye and say hello to what very well could be described as the year of the Leo!!

Your year ahead is nothing short of a Leo dream come true, where you are star of the play (and also the writer, director, producer and set designer. Of course). The Leo new moon on August 1st, put the sun and moon squarely in the 1st house of self, on top of the dramatic Leo ascendant. Whatever you have been wanting, desiring, and working on recently, now is your time to shine. Get that makeover, clean up your office and buy a few pieces of expensive clothes because whether you want it or not (and let’s face it, you do) all eyes are going to be on you in the year to come. Big ideas and visions that you shared in the past may have been met by infuriatingly slow paced progress and cooperation, but this year thanks to articulate Mercury conjunct your Leo sun/moon/ascendant your message is coming across loud and clear and others are taking notice. There will be times in your life (too many times as far as you are concerned) when you will have to spend a great deal of energy balancing your own needs with the needs of others (or at least making it look like you are), but this year is not one of those times. In fact it is a time that you will be rewarded for taking control and doing things your way, so enjoy it!

Of course all of those daily mundane tasks like keeping track of bills and making sure that all of the fine print gets processed are important, very important, but lucky for you you don’t mind this kind of stuff. With Saturn in Virgo in your second house of personal finance, you are in the process of learning some important lessons about money. You may have just taken on your first big financial responsibility and are learning the ropes. Pay attention but rest assured; your financial picture is improving. You could be on the receiving end of a surprise gift (the kind with some zeros at the end) from a family member, or they could include you in a lucrative proposal. Just make sure to do your own due diligence, rather than taking flaky Aunt Emily’s word for it.

You are a lover at heart, Leo, and this year holds some very promising news in this department as well. Sexy Venus in your first house of self is kissing passionate Pluto in your 5th house of true love. Yes. Yes. Yes. The past few years may or may not have been great for your love life, but if you have been waiting for that electric shock of love to take over and consume you, this is the year. Look for a Sagittarius or Aquarius. The fifth house also rules children so if you are thinking about starting or expanding your family, you will have the opportunity. Things aren’t so shabby on the career front either. Original Aries on the 10th house cusp just proves what you already know, that you are an innovator and are slated to do something new and creative, something that hasn’t been done before. Could all this have anything to do with why all eyes are on you? You can bet on it.


DECEMBER 2008: Mr. or Mrs. Right could find you at a holiday party or a creative event so get out and mingle! If you are feeling the urge to try something new, go for it, you could get in touch with an inner part of yourself that could bring you a lot of unexpected enjoyment and strength.

FEBRUARY 2009: You could meet some very important people this month. If you need a business partner or team of people to help you execute your goals, now is the time to iron things out with them. Make sure you are both on the same page and be clear about what you both hope to achieve from the collaboration.

MAY 2009: If you havn’t been feeling the love up until now, you will certainly be feeling it this month. The physicial manifestation of many of your dreams has finally appeared. So take the time to celebrate with a great party!