Leo Fashion Idol: Michael Kors

August 9, 1959 Long Island, NY noon* (time unknown)

Leo fashion designer Michael Kors has won a place in the fashion history books with his charismatic presence on “Project Runway” and his coveted American classic designs. Born in Long Island, the young Leo was always deeply influenced by the glamour of the New York women so close by and he headed into the city to begin his career in fashion at the age of 19. In 1981, his first Michael Kors collection debuted at upscale retailers such as Bergdorf Goodman and Saks Fifth Avenue, and he has been on a roll ever since.

There are two very striking things about Kors chart. First of all, his sun at 16′ Leo is within one degree of exact conjunction with radical Uranus. This is a very potent aspect indicating a person whose attachment to individuality, freedom and progress is strong. The Leo personality relishes creativity and individuality and they love to feel as though they are an integral part of the team. The tight conjunction of Uranus to Kors sun, however, means that he needs even more excitement, stimulation and freedom than the average Leo and he does not believe in the value of traditionalism for its own sake.

This is interesting especially because Kors fashion aesthetic is deeply traditional. He is the preeminent designer of classic American sportswear. His collections could best be described as the jet set on permanent vacation and his runway looks and campaigns often conjure another Leo uber-icon; Jackie O. However, based on his chart is it obvious that he did not choose the American classic style because of any type of herd mentality, but rather because he believed he could execute it to the highest quality (Leo). In fact, something worth noting is that when his collections really rose to prominence in the 1990s, they were deeply radical in the prevailing grunge era!

The other striking thing about Kors chart is how well-balanced the different element are. With the sun, Uranus, and Mercury in Leo, he has a healthy dose of fiery creativity and competitiveness. His moon is in the sociable and sophisticated sign of Libra. Having an air sign moon shows the importance of relationships and ideas in his life. In fact, the Libra love of harmonious and lady-like style probably has influenced his fashion aesthetic more than any other aspect in his chart. As far as the earth signs go, Kors has Mars and Venus conjunct in perfectionistic Virgo. He is very artistic and creative (Venus) and also has the ability to act on his instincts (Mars). Persistent Pluto is also in capable Virgo. Because of their love of accessories and discriminating eye, the Virgo energy is usually very strong in the charts of fashionistas. Kors Saturn in serious Capricorn helps keep his feet on the ground and stay realistic about his goals. And finally Jupiter and Neptune in water sign Scorpio helps him relate emotionally with other people and also nurtures his own sense of intuition and privacy. Few people have such an even balance of planets amongst the elements, and this is very helpful in terms of knowing which area of life to concentrate on when the time is right.

In 1981, when he first claimed a place in the New York fashion pantheon, Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn were moving through artistic Libra, not only activating his Libra moon, but also inspiring others generosity and opening doors that might otherwise have been closed. The same year, his progressed moon was in Leo, touching his natal planets there, getting him in touch with his star power and opening him up to all of the great connections that were coming his way.

1999 was another very important year for Kors, the year that he won the most presigious award in fashion, CFDA’s Womenswear Designer of the Year. The emphasis on this period was instead on Virgo, as his progressed Venus had been activating passionate and determined Pluto, making him literally live and breath fashion, and propelling him to the top of his game. Pluto is also an important player in Kors chart at the moment, however, instead of dancing with Venus, it will be activating his natal Saturn. He will be focusing on the bottom line and making conservative and prudent choices about the future of his company.

Though he has been an important player in American fashion for at least the past two decades, Kors rose to national fame as a judge on the fashion reality show “Project Runway”. Along with fellow Leo Tim Gunn, Kors challenges the contestants to be authentic, creative, innovative and make things look expensive, all thoroughly Leo values. Gemini host Heidi Klum brings an airy breeziness to the show and helps link together the many disparite challenges and objectives the contestants grapple with. And fellow judge Nina Garcia, as a Taurus, brings her highly refined, tough to impress tastes and personality into the fray. This Leo/Gemini/Taurus combination is perfect for the format of the show as it focuses on glitz and hero-making (Leo), multiple storylines and plots (Gemini) and creative tastes and talents (Taurus). One of the best parts of Project Runway has been getting to know the personality of this famed designer and he as proven to be charming, playful, effortless, sexy and crisp. Just like the clothes he is so beloved for making.