August 16, 1958 Bay City, MI 7:05 AM

The powerhouse that is Madonna, the world’s most famous Leo, turns 50 today. Actually she marked the occasion at 7:05 am and if we know anything about Madonna it is that she likes to be precise. Powerhouse
and precise are in fact two words that perfectly describe her astrological signature; Leo and Virgo, respectively. Madonna is a Leo and has been the perfect spokesperson for this potent, creative, willful, confident, dramatic, industrious, proud, energetic, and capable sign.

Madonna’s ascendant, however, is 8′ degrees Virgo and her moon at 11′ degrees Virgo sits squarely at it’s prominent position in the 1st house. The rising sign and 1st house in astrology represent the exterior personality and one’s presence in the world. As such Virgo, the most precise sign in the zodiac, colors her willful Leo ways a very perfectionistic, detail-oriented, health conscious, and meticulous shade. The moon in astrology rules not only the breasts and female sexuality, but also natural rhythms and cycles.  The fact that Madonna is seen to be (ascendant) a sex symbol (the moon) comes across clearly here as does the characteristic changeability (Mercury also conjunct the ascendant at 5’Virgo) and adaptation (the moon) of her style and appearance (ascendant).

The radical and powerful nature of her personality comes from her Leo sun being conjunct both rebellious Uranus and potent, destructive and dark Pluto. Her drive and ambition is very much internally rooted. She is very creative and feels the deep need to express herself (the sun). And Venus at a dramatic angle, 0′ degree Leo, shows she loves attention and praise. The ability to execute her plans comes from Mars, planet of action, in stubborn, consistent, reliable Taurus. She has no lack of determination, however, the square of this planet to her sun shows how sometimes she feels frustrated that she is bound by physical limitations when she has practically unlimited creative drive.

The creative essence of her personality is shown by her conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune which straddles the Libra and Scorpio cusp. Neptune is the planet of mysticism, fantasy, illusion and inspiration. With four planets (including the sun) in the 12th house, the natural home of Neptune, Madonna is strongly bonded to this energy. Her deep faith in the Kabbalah is well documented. She utilizes Neptune aptly in her professional life as well; to spin stories and ‘incarnations’ of herself for her fans. Particularly stories and images with a Jupiterian spin. Jupiter of course being the great good time planet of the zodiac, with rulership over luck, prosperity, and extravagance. She quite simply follows her inspiration (Neptune) to the next big look or trend, and then invites the world to join her in having and good time and celebrating it (Jupiter). And we just can’t get enough.

Perhaps it should come as no surprise that the performer’s husband, Guy Richie, is a Virgo. The past few years have not exactly been easy for Guy or Madonna. Humorless Saturn has been visiting all of the planets in her massive Leo/Virgo stellium. It has just passed over her ascendant and is about to join her moon in the next few months and by the winter her husband’s sun. They are both feeling a lot of pressure now and have been keeping a lot of inner turmoil private. They both understand that this is indeed a “make-it-or-break-it” point in their marriage.

Her difficulties have been exacerbated by the fact that disruptive Uranus has been throwing surprises at her from the 7th house of relationships, making her feel as though she has very little control in that area of her life, something the Leo does not enjoy one bit. In the next year or two it is possible she will decide on a fresh start. Saturn’s transit from the 12th  to the 1st house recently indicates that she is coming out of the fog a little bit about where to go next. And wherever it is we are sure to follow.