8-8-2008: Numerology and the Olympics

August 8, 2008 8:08 PM Beijing, China

Today, the Olympic games commence in Beijing, China. And thank goodness for the Chinese being bold enough to make a big fuss over having the Opening Ceremony be numerologically-inspired. Obviously over there in China they like the number 8, a lot. 

In astrology, the number 8 is associated with the planet Saturn. Saturn is the real no-nonsense school marm of the zodiac. You will get exactly what you deserve, exactly what you have earned, no more, no less= this is the MO of Saturn. But it is all about earning and rewarding and as such it has come to be associated with wealth and prosperity. Certainly those who work very hard, are disciplined, and respect authority will achieve status and material prosperity (right?); this is what Saturn, and China, espouses. 

And this is likely the tone we can expect from the Olympics this year. Not only does Saturn play an important role with all of those 8’s in the picture (not only in 8-8-08 but also, 8+8+2+0+0+8= 26=8 ) but also because the chart cast for 8:08 PM, shows Saturn sitting directly in opposition to the ascendant. There is definitely going to be a feeling this year that the “worthier” of the opponents won, that the hardest working (though maybe not most impressive) should be rewarded and that judging be done meticulously and protocol be followed zealously. No Jupiterian feats of bravado and courage, but rather safe and predictable will rule the day.

The other player numerologically and astrologically is 7 and the planet associated with it, Neptune. First of all 8+8=16=7. Second of all, the rising sign for the games is Pisces, the planet associated with Neptune and 7, making Neptune the ruler of the chart. As such it’s placement is very important. It is in the 12th house, the house associated with Pisces. This house, planet, sign and number are all associated with illusion, deception, facades, illness, addiction, drugs, mysticism, vagueness and the gray area in general.

So once one is beyond all of the Saturnian formality of the games, there will be a bizarre cloudy feeling, as though nobody is really sure exactly what is going on. Strange illnesses, inexplicable absences or excuses, the feeling that things just seem a little bit off. These things combine to prove why people have been saying that the date is actually “unlucky”.

I wouldn’t say so much that it is un-lucky, just that it has none of the marks of joyous celebration (Jupiter) and competitiveness (Mars) that should be present during the Olympics. Peace-loving Venus is crippled next to stern Saturn (aka. as long as you know your place there will be peace) and feisty Mars is also in Virgo, not exactly the most athletic or competitive sign in the zodiac. The sun in Leo of course insures that there will be the appealing “hero” stories that everyone wants to tune in for but otherwise, expect some baffling failures and ho-hum championships.  

In fact the entire chart for the games can be more or less summed up in the following analogy; 1990s figure skating. You how during the winter games when everyone would tune in and hope heroes (Leo) Kristi Yamaguchi or Nancy Kerrigan would finally bang out that gold medal? It was supposed to be beautiful and graceful (Venus) and have the illusion (Neptune) that what they were doing was easy. But all of the pressure and exactitude demanded by the judges (Saturn) would weigh the whole thing down like a ton of bricks (Venus and Saturn conjunct) and it would end up being just plain disappointing. Expect more of the same.