Rachel Zoe the Virgo

“Salma Hayek is among the most beautiful and brainiest women I’ve had the privilege of knowing and I always come away from our collaborations felling all the more inspired and empowered… We connected immediately. Our birthdays are one day apart- mine is September 1, hers is the second- so being Virgos, we’re always striving for perfection, always striving for more.”

– Rachel Zoe

Rachel Zoe is perhaps the most influential stylist working right now and I have to say I am a fan of her look. In fact before I read this excerpt from her book, “Style A to Zoe”, it had been a fun game for me to try to guess what her sign was (naturally she has not been too forthright about her date of birth). With all that hair and all that gold, I had her pegged as a Leo for sure. But alas, she is the more detail-oriented sister of Leo, the Virgo, and on second thought this makes perfect sense. 

Leos like to be front and center, but as a Virgo Zoe has no problem toiling behind the scenes. And as she mentioned, Virgos are deeply perfectionistic and highly discrimination, two key ingredients for the perfect stylist. Being ruled by changeable Mercury, Virgos have a thing for accessories which can easily alter the mood of any ensemble. Lots of jewelry is a trademark of the Rachel Zoe look which has in fact become most famous through her collaborations with other Virgos, including Salma Hayek, but most prominently Cameron Diaz and Nicole Richie. She also designs a line of handbags for Judith Leiber. 

Recently Wikipedia listed Zoe’s birthday as September 1, 1971 and if this is accurate, then her moon sign is business-minded Capricorn. The most important thing for Virgos when it comes to fashion is quality, they enjoy classic, staple pieces with a bit of a unique twist in the detailing. They tend to favor highbrow designers, while the similarly earthy Capricorn moon also favors traditional looks but with their sense of thriftiness, they like to search for the diamonds in the rough as well. In the chart, artistic Venus tightly conjunct her sun shows her affinity for all things aesthetically pleasing. And indeed she does have a planet, Mercury, the divine communicator of the zodiac, in the deeply glamorous sign of Leo.