Cancer Fashion Idol: Vera Wang

June 27, 1949   New York, NY noon* (time unknown)

In American high fashion the word ‘bride’ is synonymous with one name: Vera Wang. In fact, Wang’s domination over the bridal industry obscures the fact that she had already had two outstanding different careers before she even began designing wedding gowns. And in the past decade she has reached even farther, designing several others collections and a line for Kohls, jewelry, fragrances, china and mattresses. All in a days work this very accomplished Cancer woman.

Vera Wang is a double Cancer, with both her sun and her moon in this soft and sensuous sign. In astrology, Cancer is associated with the moon and the nurturing female principle. Like the moon, Cancer is changeable, moody, powerful, seductive and comforting. As such the sign of Cancer is associated with motherhood, and not just the physical manifestation of the mother, but the whole idea of mothering; caring for something and nursing it into fruition. For this reason, Cancers make very shrewd business people, always guarding and protecting what is theirs, and old astrological lore suggests that as a group, Cancers are the richest amongst us. This is of course, also because they are collectors, having unusually strong emotional bonds to the past and loathe to part with anything they are still attached to. 

As a double Cancer then, Wang demonstrates the potent, concentrated version of this very capable Cancer energy. She first poured all of her energy into becoming a figure skater, making it all the way to the 1968 US Figure Skating Championships. This was a deeply important year in her life, as her progressed sun came conjunct with her natal Venus at 24 Cancer. It was the fruition of her dream and the Venus aspect here indicates how skating was always more of a creative and artistic outlet for her, rather than an aggressive competitive outlet (Mars). When she did not make the US Olympic Team she retired from skating and went on to attend university, studying Art History. Because of their attachment to the past, theirs or anyone elses, Cancers are very attracted to the subject of History. 

Phase two of Wang’s life began when she took a position at Vogue magazine, which she held for 16 years. It was during this time, at Vogue, that her progressed sun moved from Cancer into the bold and theatrical sign of Leo. Had she been the shy, reserved, determined and private Cancer girl up to this point, she was shedding those layers, and becoming a strong, confident, courageous and dramatic woman. This occurred around the time of her 25th birthday. Ten years later she left Vogue when she was passed over for the editor-in-chief position in favor of Scorpio Anna Wintour. 

Five years later, in 1990, just as her progressed sun was coming conjunct with her natal Pluto at 14′ Leo, she opened her bridal salon at the Carlyle Hotel. Pluto is the planet of power and transformation. She changed the direction of her life completely and ended up taking the post of most powerful woman in her industry, the bridal bonanza. Somehow, the sentimental Cancer woman is perfectly cut out for the romance, fantasy, femininity, and glamour of the wedding world. They have the ability to truly celebrate women and their phases of life. 

The climax of the 30 years she spent with her progressed sun in Leo came in 2005 when she was awarded the prestigious CFDA Womenswear Designer of the Year award. One year later her progressed sun moved into Virgo and signaled the beginning of a new phase of her life. Virgo is very concerned with health and nutrition, detail and shrewd editing. While Leo is a “bigger, better, more” sign, Virgo is more about quality over quantity. We can expect Wang to begin narrowing the scope of the projects that she focuses on and becoming ever more picky about detailing. Virgo also adores accessories and the jewelry for her Fall 2008 collection was a highlight of the shows. 

At the moment her progressed sun is conjunct her natal Saturn at 2′ Virgo. Transit Saturn is also joining this team. With her skating heyday at the time her sun was conjunct Venus, and her bridal salon opening when her sun was conjunct Pluto, we can expect a major Saturn-inspired shift in her life right now. Saturn rules, amongst other things, business, reputation, career, and patience. Now she is focused on solidifying her legacy and insuring the future success of her business. She could sell all or part of her company or find some lucrative investors or business partners.

The Cancer aesthetic is very feminine, very soft and very body conscious. As the epitome of the female principle, most Cancer women have curves. And as a sensitive person, they like their clothing to not just be comfortable, but also a comfort to them; Protective tights, soft layered sweaters, and lots of scarves. There is also an emphasis on the breasts, the part of the body ruled by Cancer and their love of history makes them the most perfect candidates for old-fashioned retro styling. Many of these themes can be seen with different emphasis in Wang’s various collections. Her bridal collection is feminine to the hilt and often very old fashioned. Her ready to wear lines are more modern but still very slinky and feminine, and her Lavender Label is the edgiest but also still has very Cancerian lady-like traditional vibe. And ever so appropriately for this arbiter of feminine style, the colors associated with Cancer are all shades of pure white and sexy silver.