Dearest Cancer,

You don’t much like to stray too far from the nest, and this year you don’t necessarily have to, but you just might choose to. While there are not really “good” or “bad” houses in astrology, there are a few parts of the chart that are known to be “luckier” than others. Take the fifth house, for example, the house traditionally associated with the sign Leo. The 5th house has provenance over fun, parties, children, creativity, romantic affairs, true love, games, recreation and self-confidence. Not so bad. Well get ready for all this and more, as your new moon in the 5th house ensures that there will be plenty where that came from this year!

You will be feeling confident and energized this year, Cancer, and with adventurous Sagittarius at the top of your chart in your house of career, new opportunities far afield could be coming your way. Perhaps you have gotten to a place in your life where you have built up the security you need to assertively seek out new opportunities, or maybe these adventures have appeared out of the blue. In either case, if it feels right just go ahead and take that trip you have been talking about for ages. It could be just what you need and you could meet some pretty fascinating people while you’re at it. 

Another thing you are not so fond of is surprises. But there may be a few of those in store for you this year as well. Lucky Jupiter is hiding out in the 12th house of mystery and secrets but sending some energy over to your happy 5th house sun, moon and Venus. Good luck energy affecting your house of love and fun, this is definitely a good sign, but the murky nature of Jupiter’s placement says you may be darn-right confused about the signals you are getting or the things that are popping up in your life. Erratic Uranus in Pisces, trining your Venus in Cancer also shows that while you should be expecting all manner of lovely things this year, their shape and size could surprise you so don’t hold too many fixed expectations. 

Radical Aquarius is on your ascendant for the year, showing your involvement with groups of people. In fact, it seems like you have some level of prominence amongst a certain crowd and could find yourself being sought out for all manner of advice or assistance. This should do nothing but aid with all of the self-confidence and composure that are the trademark of your life this year. 

If you haven’t already guessed it, this year is a great year for love! With your solar and lunar energy focused in the house of true love and children, you could fall in love, get engaged or married, or have a child this year. The placement of serious Saturn in your seventh house of partnership and marriage is also a good indication that that part of your life could be going to the next level. Mars is also in your 7th house, in Virgo, conjunct Saturn. You will be working hard this year and accomplishing much, but take your time. And practice your manners, they will get you far with all of the work-related socializing you might be doing. Saturn and Mars are getting some energy from intense Pluto, so there might be a feeling of power or urgency in the air. You will definitely be feeling passionate and motivated about something, just be sure to do all of your due diligence before acting. 

Cancers love to save and keep all sorts of things, especially money. Astrological lore suggests that you are indeed one of the richest signs around. It pays to be crabby sometimes! So it is perhaps not surprising that there is relatively little action in your finance sector at the moment (you are in saving mode), just make sure you take a look at any accounts or expenses that you have that might be slowly draining your finances. With vague Pisces on the cusp of the 2nd house of personal wealth, you want to double check that you are not being slowly sapped by a loophole in your phone bill or from some other similarly innocuous source. 

All in all this looks to be a great year for you, Cancer. The message here is really to come into yourself and enjoy the position of power and authority that you seem to have found yourself in. Take a risk here or there. Get outside of your comfort zone and realize how many things you may be good at that you never even realized. And gracefully accept all of the acknowledgement you are sure to get. Don’t hesitate to take any of your relationships to the next level, in both the personal and professional realm. Now is the perfect time to ask for a promotion from your boss or to promote your boyfriend to husband status. Your brilliance will be on display for all to see so step out of your shell for the year, dear Cancer, and enjoy it.


AUGUST 2008: Get out and socialize this month, you will meet all sorts of people who could end up being business or romantic parters. 

DECEMBER 2008: If your ideas or plans seem crazy in your own head, share them with others in December when everyone will think they are brilliant! 

FEBRUARY 2009: Now is your time to show how hard you have been working and how committed you are to your goals. People will recognize your positive contributions.