Miranda Kerr on the Cusp

One of the hottest models out there right now is Australian Miranda Kerr who has made it big as a result of her sizzling Victoria’s Secret campaigns and her relationship with Capricorn Orlando Bloom. Miranda’s birthday is April 20th, the traditional ingress day from Aries into Taurus. Now I personally am of the school of astrology that does not believe in cusps.. you are either born before or after the sun has transited from one sign into another. If you are born before the ingress you often show a lot of characteristics of the following sign but NOT because you were born on a cusp but because from the time you were a baby your progressed sun has been in the following sign (If you are not familiar with solar progressions please refer back to my post entitled “Progressions”).

It seems to me from everything that I have read about Miranda that she is a typical Taurus. If you are born at 0 or 1 degree of your sign, at the very beginning, you usually have a very strong concentration of that energy. So it did not surprise me that Miranda is not only a ravishing beauty (Venus rules Taurus) but that she is very concerned with health, nutrition and self-esteem (Taureans love food) and listed “singing in the shower” and “getting massages” as her guilty pleasures at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show (Taurus rules the throat and loves being pampered).

What surprised me was that when I did her chart I learned that in 1983 if you were born in Sydney, the sun did not move from Aries into Taurus until April 21. So how to explain this? Well it goes to show the truly important role that progressions play in a persons life, so much so that a person born just before the cusp can embody many characteristics of the following sign from an early age.

But she is an Aries? Yes, she is an Aries and this is ‘how’ she shows her Taurean qualities. Taureans are slow and steady, cautious and measured. Aries are impulsive, active, adventurous and bold. All Tarueans, and people with their progressed sun in Taurus, are concerned with self-maintenence and self-nourishments, issues such as body, food, weight, health, and stability. But most Taureans do not write books on this subject, as Miranda is doing. It takes that inventive “why not?” Aries spirit to just go for it without ages worth of deliberation. Another hint is that she loves exercise while most Taurus women eventually force themselves to the gym but only grudgingly (they would rather be lounging around in the garden). Miranda is definitely a perfect lesson in the power of progressions to combine the best of both your natal sun sign and your progressed sun sign.