Gemini’s are known to be bright, inquisitive and a bit scattered. They tend to get bored easily and rush quickly from one thing to another. In that sense, the upcoming year will be an interesting one for you Geminis, as there will be quite a bit of focus on closure, endings and re-defining in the upcoming year. This is not something to be afraid of but rather a very welcome surprise! 

The multi-tasking Gemini will not necessarily slow down or be thwarted, but rather the natural evolution of of many of the plans you have been making will finally become clear this year and it will be a consolidation of your energy and effort as well as a re-defining of your priorities and goals that will lead you to great success. 

The Gemini new moon this year is in the 9th house, the home of Gemini’s opposite sign Sagittarius. This is one of the many indications that things will not only be coming to fruition for you this year, but that you will be asked perhaps to look at the same puzzles and goals you have been pondering, but from a different perspective. This is great news that you have gotten far enough along in all of your work to warrant a fresh perspective that could land you closer to the finish line. And as a Gemini you have always loved traveling to new places and meeting new people, and there will be no shortage of opportunities for you for that this year, even overseas.  

The sun and moon in Gemini are joined by Venus and Mercury. The Venus conjunction in particular is very close, within two degrees. Though you can at times be intellectual and detached, now is a time for you to put love and passion into everything you do, in fact you will not be able to help but do this! You will be a clear and effective communicator especially when you show how deeply you care for your mission and your goals. 

And indeed the emphasis does seem to be on the public, career parts of your chart. Mars, planet of action, is in Leo in your house of career, so you could be getting a fair amount of attention and recognition. But with secretive Cancer on the MC, you might have to play coy a little bit about your plans. Just feel out the situation before you open up too much. Especially if your work is in any area relating to the 9th house such as law, education, publishing, travel or public relations, you are likely to see advancements that will please you this year. 

With Uranus in the 6th house, work projects could come out of the clear blue sky, but this has never been a problem for you, spontaneous Gemini. Just be sure not to get swept up in the fantasy and to check all of the fine print and have a solid agreement worked out before you sign on the dotted line.

Lest you were imagining this year to be all about career, think again, for as a Gemini you are a twin and need both the personal and public side of your life to be going well in order to feel happy. And you will have it! Jupiter is in your 4th house of home and family and that area of your life will be a great stabilizer and support to you as you strive for advancement in other parts of your life. Pay close attention to the advice and opinions you get from those nearest and dearest to you.

One of the mot fascinating aspects in the chart is the nearly exact conjunction between the north node and Chiron, with Neptune just a few degrees away. Chiron represents the wounded part of ourselves, the part that we must address in order to heal and function as a unified whole. In such tight quarters with the true node, the message is that this is a very important, if obscured (especially with Neptune in the mix,) part of what we are needing to confront and experience this year. 

Perhaps all of these advancement and all of this forward momentum in your life, Gemini, is hinging upon being able to look realistically at some of the aspects of yourself that you have been afraid or unwilling to confront, such as fears, insecurities and self-sabotage. To confront them, to heal this part of yourself and as such close a certain chapter, to move on from this problem is now a priority. The placement of this conjunction in the 5th house is especially significant as it shows that it is self-expression and personal creativity, in the house of the sun, that has been affected by these insecurities and now is the time to deal with these issues, for self-expression is all too important to the communicative Gemini. Saturn in the 11th house in opposition also re-enforces the message that these lessons will be crucial this year and promises progress in other areas could go slowly if you do not pay attention to the intuition that Neptune is giving you as it assists with this process. 

In short, this looks to be an amazing year for you, dear Gemini. Much of your hard work is finally paying off and you are going to see something you have been wanting for a long time, results. You have tremendous energy in the public areas of your life, but privately you are being asked to make peace with yourself and the parts of yourself you have struggled with, so that you may feel more whole and truly be able to enjoy all of the successes you have rightly earned. And with Pluto in your natural home, the 3rd house, you should be looking forward to this time of personal power, transformation and achievement in your life.


October 2008: Things will be moving fast and you will be center stage. Get all your ducks in a row over the summer and enjoy presenting your ideas to a captive audience now. 

December 2008: It could happen slowly or suddenly but big changes are coming to you this month. Know what you want out of the situation, stand up for yourself and enjoy your just desserts. 

February 2009: Creatively you are inspired and strong. Spend time nurturing yourself and your dreams and have faith in your intuition.