Drew Barrymore loves Geminis

Beautiful Pisces Drew Barrymore really has a thing for Gemini men, specifically Gemini men born on June 2nd. Both her current beau, Justin Long, and her most recent ex-boyfriend, Fabritzio Moretti, whom she dated for about 5 years, share this birthday! 

So what about the mischevious twins attracts this thespian? Well, for starters, her rising sign is Gemini. People often feel a strong kinship with people whose sun sign is the same as their rising sign. The transits of planets also affect them similarly, so they cosmically go through many experiences simultaneously. This is how it works; right now Uranus is in Pisces and has been there for several years. The people who would be most affected by this are people who are Pisces, and people whose rising sign is Pisces. So when there are planetary aspects involving Gemini, both Drew and her man would be similarly affected. This would bring a sense of understanding and intimacy into their relationship which is crucial for Drew as a Pisces with a moon in Cancer. Her life revolves around her relationships. But with her moon in Cancer conjunct task-master Saturn, it is clear that many of her most important and challenging life lessons will be learned about how to love and communicate in relationships. Let’s see how the twins stack up against each other.

FABRITZIO (June 2, 1980): Fab has three planets in Virgo, opposing Drew’s sun in Pisces. This would indicate attraction but also potentially problems as well as two of these planets are aggressive Mars and Saturn. His moon sign would be either Capricorn or Aquarius. He might not have been sensitive enough for her needs. His Venus in Cancer would have been their strongest bond, unless he is Pisces or Cancer rising.

JUSTIN (June 2, 1978): Justin also has his Venus in Cancer, conjunct his Jupiter, and conjunct her Moon/Saturn. This is a very strong aspect and could indicate Drew has finally found someone who can relate to her emotionally. She also has her Venus in Pisces conjunct Jupiter so they enjoy the same type of relationships. His moon sign is Taurus which is also a good sign as with all of her mutable energy, Drew can be scattered. 

Justin is a better match for Drew. He has the Gemini connection with her, the Cancer connection as well and his earth sign moon adds steadiness into the mix. Drew’s two best friends, Taurus Nancy Juvonen and Virgo Cameron Diaz, both earth signs, indicate the importance of an earth element in her relationships. Though it’s possible that Fab had an earth sign moon as well (Capricorn), the Taurus energy fits better with all of the Cancer elements than Capricorn does. 

Drew has a long string of previous romances and marriages before falling into a Gemini-only dating period. While the sign of her first ex-husband, Jeremy Thomas, is unknown, her second ex-husband Tom Green is a Leo. She also had a serious relationship with Virgo Luke Wilson, which would have helped her constructively channel her Pisces energy. The Gemini energy is a good match for her because like Pisces, Geminis are easy going, spontaneous, adventurous and not too serious. They can just have fun together. Maybe she has finally found true love!