The Curious Love Square Part Deux: Opposite Signs

Last summer I wrote about the amusing and curious love square that was going on between Scorpio Ryan Reynolds, Sagittarius Scarlett Johannson, Aquarius Justin Timberlake and Pisces Jessica Biel. In essence, all of these lovelies were dating one another and from the lovefest emerged two astrologically mismatched couples; the Scorpio (Ryan) with the Sagg (Scarlett) rather than with fellow water sign Pisces (Jessica), who ended up with the Aquarius (Justin). Amazingly, all of these couples have stood the (relative) test of time and Ryan and Scarlett have recently announced they are even getting married!

I hypothesized in that article that the reason for this coupling had to do with picking a partner who was the opposite sign of your ex, rather than somebody of the same element. Ryan went for Scarlett because she was the opposite sign of ex-fiance Gemini Alanis Morrissette. Justin went for Jessica because she was the opposite sign of ex-girlfriend Cameron Diaz. 

Now on to curious love square part deux. Amongst her string of lovers in the wake of her split from the aforementioned Aquarius, Justin Timberlake, Virgo Cameron Diaz dated Libra John Mayer. Last spring Jennifer Aniston briefly dated British model, Capricorn Paul Scolfur. Now, go figure, John is dating Jennifer and Cameron is dating Paul. This is a different type of switcheroo. Virgo Cameron and Libra John, as well as Aquarius Jen and Capricorn Paul, were pairs of adjacent signs. Adjacent signs (much more than opposite signs) have a very different orientation to the world! Now the two air signs, Jen and John, and the two earth signs, Cameron and Paul, have paired off and these are much more harmonious couples! 

And just to add even more fun and confusion into the game, before dating Jen and Cameron, John was in a relationship with Cancer Jessica Simpson. Her first love was, of course, her ex-husband Scorpio Nick Lachey. She then jumped into a relationship with a sign that was adjacent to Scorpio (very different) and square to her own sun sign, Libra John Mayer. Not a good choice. She is now with Taurus Tony Romo, who is the opposite sign of her ex-husband. They are a very good match. 

So let’s think about this for another moment: why would people be interested in dating people who are opposite signs from one another? I think because whatever theme that pair together represents, are some of the lessons that person is learning in their life at the time. For example:

JENNIFER ANISTON: Aries Vince Vaughn/ Libra John Mayer. Jen is going through a period of learning about self assertion vs. balance and compromise. 

JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE: Virgo Cameron Diaz/ Pisces Jessica Biel. Justin’s life has been focused on finding physical, mental and emotional health and well being. 

RYAN REYNOLDS: Gemini Alanis Morrissette/ Sagittarius Scarlett Johannson. The emphasis in Ryan’s life is on finding his beliefs through education, learning, philosophy and travel. 

JESSICA SIMPSON: Scorpio Nick Lachey/Taurus Tony Romo. Jessica has been dealing with issues of intimacy, possessiveness, stability and sexuality.

Now, Just to round out all six pairs of opposites signs lets look at two other stars who have a thing for dating opposite signs. Interestingly Lauren is an Aquarius and Sienna is a Capricorn so they are both extremely involved in the lessons these opposite sign relationships are providing. 

LAUREN CONRAD: Aquarius Stephen Colletti/Leo Brody Jenner. Lauren has been learning about the boundaries between friendship and personal autonomy. 

SIENNA MILLER: Capricorn Jude Law/Cancer Rhys Ifans. Sienna’s relationships have been teaching her about both the private and public side of herself and how to balance personal life and career. 

Just as it is very important for all people to get in touch with the energy of their own opposite sign to strengthen and empower their solar energy, dating opposite signs gives people the opportunity to work through certain issues in their life from different perspectives. But ultimately, as always, the success of the relationship would have more to do with the intrinsic harmony and compatibility in their charts.