June 4, 1975  9:09 am Los Angeles, CA

The world’s most famous yummy mummy, Gemini Angelina Jolie, turns 33 today. As a Gemini, Angelina is curious, intelligent, warm, communicative, spontaneous and distractible. Geminis love to learn and in essence their life is one long educational journey. Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) are adaptable and flexible. As a mutable Air sign, Jolie loves the stimulation of new places, new people and new ideas and she is unafraid to change her mind and refine her goals and desires based on her new insights and experiences.

And with her moon in feisty, restless Aries she is prone to change direction often. But interestingly her moon is in conjunction with Mars and lucky Jupiter, meaning that she has a great deal of faith (Jupiter) in acting (Mars) on her instincts (Moon). So even though she is impulsive, she rarely second guesses herself. These three planets are also in a harmonious trine to spiritual Neptune in Sagittarius, indicating that her intuition about people and places is very strong and this also guides many of her decisions. Her aggressive Aries moon also gives her her sporty, competitive streak and her butt-kicking action hero alter ego. 

Many of these qualities are strengthened even further by the house placements of her sun and moon. Her sun is in the 11th house of groups and associations. Despite her early fame as an actress, Angelina became best known through her work with the United Nation’s High Commission for Refugees. She sees herself as part of the global community and works tirelessly for progress (11th house) on behalf of displaced people and children around the globe. Her stellium in Aries is in her 9th house of travel and foreign cultures. She feels emotionally (moon) and spiritually (Jupiter) at home when she is living and traveling abroad. Interestingly, the 9th house is the house associated with the sign Sagittarius, and her partner Brad Pitt is a Sagg. In Angelina’s own birthchart, Sagittarius falls in her 5th house, the house of true love. These two are very bonded astrologically.

Angelina’s ascendant is in watery Cancer, the sign of the mother. Her Venus, the planet of beauty is also in Cancer, exactly conjunct her ascendant (which represent ones exterior appearance) accounting for her mesmerizing beauty. Venus in Cancer indicates a love of domestic home life and family and Cancer rising people are caring and sensitive to the needs of others. However, before Angelina learned to channel this energy into helping the world’s needy and caring for her own children, she displayed many of the negative tendencies of this placement. Clinginess in relationships (she has been married and divorced twice) is often associated with Cancerian neediness, as is dependency on drugs and alcohol and self-sabotage in order to gain attention and love from others. Once people with a strong Cancer influence learn how to need others and be needed in a balanced way, they can be beacons of love and healing. 

The planet of sudden disruptions and unexpected change, Uranus, is in Angelina’s fourth house of home and family. This shows that she herself had an unusual childhood and that her home life is unpredictable, as anyone who has kept track of the families frequent flier miles can tell you!  

Style-wise, Angelina’s Gemini/Aries/Cancer combination is an interesting one. Gemini’s are traditionally associated with accessories but anyone who follows Angie’s style knows that she is minimalist in the extreme… except for… those tattoos!! Angelina physically had all of her most prized accessories inked on her body. Aries and Cancer both care primarily about one thing in fashion: comfort. Aries lead very active lives so they need to be able to move around easily in their garments. And Cancer’s mostly dress depending on their mood and like soft layers. Angie and her genius stylist, Jen Rade, must have figured out that a chic, simple and comfortable mostly black wardrobe would be perfectly stylish for a busy woman on the go and also perfect backdrop for her Gemini accessories, her tattoos. When she does stray from black she often picks yellow, the color associated with Gemini. Not surprisingly the Cancer side of Angie comes out more when she is pregnant as evidenced by the long, feminine, flowing gowns which are both comfortable and showcase her breasts, the part of the body ruled by Cancer. 

COMING UP: Angelina is due to give birth to her fifth and sixth children within the next month or so and will be very focused on family this year. Her relationship with Brad will be stronger than ever and she will be feeling extremely settled, sexy and happy focusing on domestic life. Her primary concern will be the privacy and health of her children. Just don’t expect her to go into hiding, she is still poised to keep multi-tasking like the skilled Gemini she is. And with a strong Mars Leo aspect, she could be celebrated for her acting talents as well, perhaps in the form of a nomination or two. By late August the family will have re-located, without warning yet again, most likely to another destination overseas. But it will not be until 2010 that Angelina decides that it is finally time to settle down and get into a routine for the sake of her family.