The Power of Opposite Signs: The Aquarius and the Leo

In the past several weeks, I noticed something quite amazing; two beautiful young Aquarian actresses, Mena Suvari and Christina Ricci, have tattoos of lions on their backs! While this might just seem like a coincidence to the average observer, this is nothing short of fascinating for the astrologer! The lion is the symbol of Leo, the opposite sign of Aquarius. 

Opposite signs are a bit misunderstood. When some people think of opposites they think of things that have nothing in common and really do not like one another. Some people think of the saying ‘opposites attract’, meaning that essentially they are very different but they are attracted to one another’s differences. 

Opposite signs in astrology are really quite different from either of these ideas. Opposite signs are really like two side of the same coin, they essentially ARE very similar, and are concerned with similar things but they are just oriented towards the SAME thing from an OPPOSITE direction. For example, the opposite signs of Leo and Aquarius. Both signs are concerned with creativity, with innovation, with progress and expression, with inventiveness. However, the Leo approaches these concerns from a PERSONAL standpoint. They care about personal self-expression, creativity and progress, etc. The Aquarius, however, approaches these concerns from a COLLECTIVE standpoint. They intrinsically see themselves as part of a larger group and care about collective progress and innovation. Thus, the Leo might be more concerned with drama and art (personal) while the Aquarius is more concerned with science and technology (collective) as a means towards progress. 

One of the great laws of the universe is the law of balance, the law of yin and yang. And while astrology has myriad lessons to teach us all about how to use our personal energies to bring out the best in our selves and balance our nature, one of it’s most misunderstood lessons is about how to use the power of our opposite sign to strengthen and dignify ourselves and our sun sign. After all, the coin cannot be fully understood by considering just one side. From the vantage point of our sun sign, as only one half of a coin, it is challenging but deeply rewarding to bring ourselves into understanding and alignment with our opposite sign. 

So here we are, back to Christina Ricci and Mena Suvari, who seem to understand just this!! While I certainly cannot speak for these women and their decisions to have these tattoos, they seem clear at least subconsciously. They are symbolically bringing the power of the lion and the Leo energy into their lives. They are showing that they are not afraid to stand up for themselves and what they want. As Aquarians they can sometimes put the needs of the group before their own needs, and by balancing their nature with the Leo nature they are better able to know their own limits and tap into their own personal source of strength and power. And it is certainly worth pointing out that both tattoos are on their back, their flip side.