Sex and the City… and the Stars

With the most highly anticipated fashion movie EVER on its way to theaters this week, I would be remiss in not taking a peek at the stars of “Sex and the City: The Movie”. During it’s run on HBO, “Sex and the City” brought high fashion to masses and girls all over the world are now mad about Manolos. The actresses themselves let a good amount of their own personalities shine through on the series, and it’s a whole lot of fire and water energy.

Both Sarah Jessica Parker and Cynthia Nixon are Aries. Carrie and Miranda are certainly Aries as well. They take a rather feminist, I can do anything I want approach to life that the Aries woman embraces. They need to be free to do their own thing and reject tradition for its own sake. 

Kim Cattrall is a Leo. Obviously. Samantha loves to be the center of attention and always needs the most fabulous new thing. She also knows in a very Leo way just what suits her and what does not and sticks with it.  She is very proud and takes great care of her friends but needs to be respected and admired as well. Aries and Leo are both Fire signs.

Kristen Davis is a Pisces, a Water sign, the opposite of the Fire signs. She brings the romantic, intuitive, emotional, nurturing and calming presence to the group. And Water and Fire make a great combination for drama because Fire signs always want their way and are moving quickly from one thing to the next while the Water element bring the emotional side home with the viewers. 

Now here is the fun part: matching the Sun signs of the actresses with the moon signs of their character, rounding out the fantasy element of the film and fleshing out the personalities of the four fictional women, so near and dear to our hearts. 

CARRIE: Aries Carrie most definitely has a Gemini moon. Gemini is the sign of writing and communication and Carrie uses all of her life’s experience as a way to learn and grow and communicate the lessons she learns with others through writing. Fashion wise, the Gemini signature is heavy on the accessories and very eclectic and spontaneous; very Carrie. 

MIRANDA: Aries Miranda has more of earthy nature, probably coming from a Capricorn moon. While she is a very independent Aries, she also knows how to play the game and succeed in the corporate world like Capricorn which is very career oriented. She dishes the no-nonsense practical advice and her fashion look is relatively conservative and business-inspired as well. 

SAMANTHA: Leo Samantha has a very strong Fire personality and her moon is surely Sagittarius, another Fire sign. Leos enjoy serious relationships but the Sagg energy is more romantically adventurous and changeable. Sagittarius also rules public relations and its bold fashion sense is perfect for the glamorous ‘see and be seen’ world Samantha lives in. 

CHARLOTTE: Pisces Charlotte is not only a sensitive, artistic dreamer but a perceptive idealist who loves harmony and relationships, indicating a Libra moon sign. Libra brings the importance of communication and friendship to the sometimes loner Pisces and makes her yearn to find that perfect “other”. Pisces tend to wear clothes suited to how they are feeling but the Libra in her gives her to motivation to always look polished and ladylike. 

And a note on the man at the center of it all: Mr. Big. Chris Noth is a Scorpio which could not be any more appropriate for this character.

MR. BIG: Big is a Scorpio, definitely a Scorpio, probably a double Scorpio. Scorpios are sexual, intense, mysterious, private, controlling and very, very difficult to read and understand. They are also prone to power games, love em and leave em antics, as well as obsessive relationships. Carrie and Big have covered all of these bases through the years of their on and off relationship. 

And the final star is, of course, the clothes. Patricia Field, the shows costume designer, played an integral role the success of the franchise. Unfortunately it is impossible to find her birthday online!! I do know that she was born February though and my money would be on an Aquarius sun sign. She has her own very strong, fixed look and has given each of the characters a very strong, fixed, unique look as well and this is very Aquarian. 

The US release date for the film is May 30th. That is a great time to bring it to the public as the sun will be in Gemini and the moon in Aries (This is Carrie’s astrological signature!). The sun in friendly, flirtatious Gemini will ensure that people have fun with the film and take it the way it was intended; not too seriously. And the sun conjunct Venus, planet of beauty and art, shows what a dazzling visual spectacle it will be. However, Mercury retrograde indicates that it might get mixed reviews and everyone will come away with different opinions about the film. And with the release date just before the new moon, in the 4th quarter, it could mean that this is a final farewell for the ladies and not the beginning of a multi-film deal as has been discussed. Though the world premiere was several weeks earlier, after the new moon, so it would be hard to tell. 

In any case, fans around the country are desperate for more SEX!!