Get excited, dear Taurus, because this year looks to be a great one for you indeed. 

Your new moon this year falls in your 12th house of privacy and secret plans, dreams and goals. However, a super-powerful and harmonious grand trine between Venus, Saturn and Pluto falls into more public areas of your chart and announces that you have some major astrological magic on your team this year. 

This is great news for you for several reasons. First of all, your ruling planet, Venus, is part of this grand trine, meaning that you will not merely be swept up in whatever it is that is going on, but will be an integral actor in it. Secondly, all of the planets in this grand trine are in Earth signs, where you are most at home. Venus in Taurus shows that you are creatively involved. Saturn in Virgo lends good planning and management skills to whatever you are working on, and Pluto in Capricorn strengthens this entire alignment with a double dose of intensity and determination. 

It appears that you are hatching some sort of plan with friends, partners or family members as the trine falls into your 11th house of friendship (Venus), your 7th house of partnership (Pluto) and your 4th house of family and home life (Saturn). This could involve any number of possible scenarios associated with those houses. For instance, you and your family members (4th house) could be starting a club and looking to get like minded people involved (11th). You have met a new partner (7th house) through friends (11th house) and are now looking to invest in real estate together (4th house) etc. 

There is something interesting too going on here though in terms of how much you are working on this by yourself (12th house sun and moon) and how much you are working with these other people in your life (the grand trine). Are you and your partner or team deliberately keeping your ideas and intentions to yourself to nurture this project together? Or are you working alone towards an end that will have consequences for many people in your life, without their knowledge? You are right to be letting things unfold in their own time, just make sure you take into consideration the needs and desires of others and you will reap terrific rewards from this stellar alignment. 

If you haven’t already guessed it, this year is a truly outstanding time for love. With so many relationship parts of your chart activated and working together you could easily meet your soul mate, get engaged, get married or start a family this year. With Pluto in your 7th house, If you are single, expect to be swept off your feet. And it might be somebody much more adventurous and spontaneous than you expected. If you are in a relationship but are unhappy, Pluto will make sure to nudge, or push, you towards resolution. And if you are madly in love with your parter, expect things to go to the next level. 

Saturn in your 4th house could indicate a move, of home or of city even, or a decision to stay put somewhere for a good, long time. You could be setting down roots. You could also have an opportunity to spend more time with members of your family and could cherish this time together. And with Venus in your 11th house you will be feeling happy and sociable and connected to your friends as well.

To add gloss to an already rosy picture, with Mars in your 2nd house of personal finances and Jupiter in your 8th house of joint finances, you are poised to be making some big, and profitable, financial decisions. You are very prudent Taurus and you are very responsible when it comes to spending and investing your money, but this year great opportunities are coming your way, so after your due diligence feel confident about taking the next step.  

You are not the type who likes surprises, but there could be some coming your way in your career. Don’t panic, but rather accept that this is an exciting time of growth for you. The opportunities you have been waiting for are coming your way, they just might be coming out of the clear blue sky or from the least likely imaginable place. Know that you are working hard and a little bit of change can help you get even closer to where you want to be. Even disruptions that could seem like upsets might have a very lovely silver lining. 

This is certainly shaping up to be one heck of a great year for you Taurus! With Gemini on your ascendant you will be feeling warm and friendly and having fun, all the while hatching your plans with the assistance of a helpful and powerful grand trine behind you. Keep important things to yourself until the time is right and remember that there might be changes going on, but trust in all of the great legwork you have already put in. You could start making a lot more money and taking on a lot more responsibility so get excited Taurus, because you were made for it! 

Luckiest Months:

July 2008: Financial matters are particularly successful for you now so if you have an opportunity you should go for it.

January 2009: Various things you have been wanting and working towards will be coming your way way easily this month. Take time to enjoy it but don’t get lost in the celebration.

March 2009: Some curve balls could be coming your way but as long as you handle the revelations with grace there will be no harm done.  Now could be the time to take your plans public.