The Taurus Scorpio Full Moon

I had to write a little something today to honor the great celestial occasion of the Scorpio full moon. For ages the Taurus/Scorpio full moon has been celebrated as one of the most important energy points of the year, along with the solstices. 

A full moon occurs when the sun and the moon are opposite one another, thus each of the full moons are astrologically paired with their opposite sign. For example, when the sun is in Aries, the full moon that month occurs when the moon is in Libra. When the sun is in Taurus, the full moon occurs when the moon is in Scorpio, and so on. 

The Sun in Taurus, moon in Scorpio full moon is especially important because it takes place in two fixed signs of great intensity. Scorpio is all about death and Taurus is all about life, thus this full moon has a special potency which encourages true awakening and growth. It is no surprise then that this full moon is also a major Buddhist holy day, known as Wesak or Vesak, as it was chosen to be the date of celebration of Buddha’s enlightenment. 

I watched a movie this week that is the perfect example of the polarity and complementarity of the Taurus and Scorpio energies, “Harold and Maude”. For those of you who have not seen it, it is a terrific film from the 1970s about a boy, Harold, who is obsessed with death and destruction. He is introverted and macabre. He represents the Scorpio element.

He makes a friend named Maude, a woman who is about to turn 80. Maude loves life, she loves flowers and nature, she loves to watch things grow, she loves music, and she loves to collect things, especially things that have to do with the senses; taste, touch, smell, etc. She represents the Taurus element.

This is a beautiful movies and is virtually undiluted Taurus/Scorpio energy, demonstrating the amazing way in which these two energies interact and what they have to learn from each other. Namely, to embrace life to the fullest, to love to live and to live to love. And, of course, to know how to let go and move on. And those are lessons we can all stand to remember throughout our lives but especially take a moment to remember them on this magical full moon.