Shine a Light

I recently went to see Scorpio Martin Scorsese’s documentary about The Rolling Stones, “Shine a Light”. Mostly concert footage from their two shows at the Beacon Theater in New York in 2006, the picture also weaves in some backstage stuff and vintage soundbites. Up on the Imax big screen it was a great faux concert experience led of course by Leo Mick Jagger. 

What struck me the most was how amazing it was that the entire background of the show was one huge gold filigree half-sun, very beautiful and regal, shining behind this Leo man. Leo is of course, ruled by the sun and all their lives Leos seek to find their place in the sun, and bask in the spotlight. Well Mick just had it erected behind him on stage! At one point, Mick leaves the stage so that Sagittarius Keith Richards can sing lead vocals for a song or two and a black curtain is dropped over the sun when he makes his exit. Seriously. 

And one of the only other people who can command an audience like Mick, another Leo of course, Bill Clinton makes a cameo with the audience cheering wildly. Scorpios on the other hand, like Scorsese, thrive behind the scenes and his small role on camera is perfectly astrologically apt as well, with him lurking in dark rooms, orchestrating, all black and white. NOT under the shining sun. 

Sagittarius Keith and Leo Mick are both energetic, creative Fire signs; they get along well together and love the rush of the audience. Charlie Watts and Ronnie Wood are both Geminis, who are known as being the most eternally youthful sign. As a band, their outgoing astrological energy, Air and Fire, makes them a natural pick to keep going for decades. While Water signs take everything personally and Earth signs are very stubborn, this combo would be likely to fight amongst themselves for sure, but ultimately blow up, get it over with and move on.