Stars at the Costume Institute

As always the bonanza that is the annual Costume Institute Gala in New York did not disappoint the fashion watchers, and as always the the star styles were perfectly evident on the red carpet.  Held every year when the sun is in Taurus, last evenings party got a double dose of the luxury-loving sign, as yesterday was the new moon, with both the sun and the moon in Taurus. This is the perfect energy for such as extravagant party, as Taurus is all about the BEST. The best food, the best wine, the best setting, the best style and of course, the best guest list. 


Some Aries women refuse to wear anything that is not comfortable. Other Aries women thrive on being ahead of the fashion curve. Obviously, Victoria Beckham is one of the latter.


Most Taurus women prefer simple, classic styles in rich, expensive materials. They also tend to choose designs that draw attention to the neck, the part of the body ruled by Taurus, like Janet Jackson’s sleek halter. 


It’s always double the fun with Geminis. The Gemini signature style is heavy on the accessories, but this year’s most famous twins, Ashley and Mary Kate Olsen, surprised everyone by going for a less is more theme, but with perfectly selected cut-outs and clutches. 


The Cancer woman is the epitome of feminine wiles. She is soft and vulnerable and romantic, but also strong and capable and she loves to wear styles that draw attention to her best asset, her breasts, like goddess Gisele Bundchen. And she shimmers in the colors of her ruler, the moon. 


Leos like to be one of a kind and to stand out in a crowd. The more expensive, extravagant and unique the better. Iman’s crimson gown is also perfectly flattering for a Leo as they look their most radiant when lit up by any of the colors of the fiery sun.


Like their Earth sign sister, the Taurus, Virgo women tend to prefer classics with a bit of a hip twist. And they almost always choose sensual flattering neutral colors or black, like Blake Lively’s sophisticated take on an old favorite. They also love accessories like gloves. 


The Libra woman needs to wear something that is soft, romantic and feminine. She needs to feel like the charming and delicate goddess that she is and virginal white, like Naomi Watt’s Monroe-esqu look, suits her lofty ideals as well. 


Scorpios are intense, powerful and sexual creatures but they wield their sexuality in subtle, not overt ways. Hence, they tend to choose styles that cover most of their skin but also let everyone know what perfection lies beneath. Anna Wintour’s gown is the epitome of Scorpio style and restraint. 


The Sagittarius woman loves to be the center of attention and she is willing to take great fashion risks to accomplish this. Her bold personality makes it easy for her to pull off colors that most people avoid such as bright purple and orange, like Katie Holmes dress. 


Capricorn women like Mary J. Blige are true minimalists who favor sophisticated, urban style. They always look pulled together and professional and tend to wear neutral colors and black that ooze quiet strength and immaculate taste. 


It should be no surprise that Christina Ricci took the Superhero theme the most literally, as Aquarians love costumes! They like to look different and unique and are definitely willing to wear something outside of the box, as long as it suits their personal style, in this case, Christina’s love of sweetheart necklines. 


The Pisces woman is a romantic, watery creature who picks styles based on how they make her feel. Sea colors, such as Eva Mendes’ gown, are perfect for her as they excite her imagination and make her feel sexy. The different layers of the dress also hint at her complex personality.