Gwyneth’s Baby Blabber

It seems that every time lovely Libra Gwyneth Paltrow opens her mouth she shares some sage astrological wisdom. Not in so many words, but between the lines. She is often heard discussing trying to strike a “balance” between being a mother and an actress, as well as living on both sides of the pond in the UK and New York. Libra is the sign of balance and the scales. Recently, while making the press rounds for her new film, Gwyn has been chatting about her two children, Taurus Apple and little Aries Moses. 

“He just turned 2 last week. She’ll be 4 in May … it’s a very good age difference. Boys and girls are very fundamentally different, though, aren’t they? [Apple] is quiet and she’s imaginative and she’s very verbal, and she likes to sit with her things and build houses and hotels for her dolls. [Moses] will just come in and thrash the hell out of anything she’s doing. If he can inflict pain on her while he’s thrashing, then even better. He’s very sweet, but we call him ‘our sensitive thug.’ It’s a line from a Jay-Z song, but it fits him perfectly. [Apple’s] kind of starting of give it back to him, in a very female, under-the-radar way.” 

Here Gwyneth perfectly describes the difference between Taureans and Arians, especially little girl Taureans and little boy Arians. Mars, the fiesty planet of action and aggression rules Fire sign Aries, and Aries boys like Moses. There is nothing calculated or mean about the Aries, they are just active, combative and competitive, hence the perfectly apt nickname ‘sensitive thug’. Venus, the planet of love, beauty and art, rules Taurus. Almost the perfect counterpoint to the Aries, Taurus are receptive, slow to act and patient. You can bet Apple is patiently waiting to see just exactly the best method to use to exact revenge on her unsuspecting younger brother. Taureans also love to collect things and are quite fond of real estate, a reason perhaps she so enjoys building houses and hotels for her dolls. Gwyneth’s Libra sun is also ruled by Venus, but in Libra Venus represents more of the objective ideals of beauty (Libra is a cerebral Air sign) whereas for the Earth sign Taurus, the qualities of Venus are more grounded materialistically. 

Gwyn’s husband, Chris Martin, is a sensitive Water sign Pisces. Under one roof they have all four of the elements! He acts mostly by intuition and could be moody so while he definitely brings creativity and emotional nurturing into the home, the actual mundane duties of running the household are probably added to Gwyneths ever expanding list of things to balance.