April 19, 1979    Los Angeles, CA  10:51 am

Beautiful Aries Kate Hudson turns 29 today. Kate is the the epitome of an Aries gal; she is fiesty, competitive, candid, sporty and fun. The most important thing to Aries women is have the freedom to be themselves and follow their instincts on to their next great adventure. There is also a raw emotional vulnerability with the Aries woman, she really puts herself on the line for things and people she believes in and jumps in headfirst. And as a result she can experience great highs and lows when situations become more difficult than she first considered. But one of the Aries womans greatest strengths is her ability to bounce back quickly and stronger than ever.

Kate’s bold Aries sun is balanced out by a more grounded,  conservative Capricorn moon. This is the part of her that remains realistic and pragmatic about her life and the choices she is making. It also adds the earthy, hippy sensuality to her aura. And it helps her to follow through on things she has committed to doing once the initial Aries buzz has worn off. WIth her Mercury, planet of communication, also in Aries, she is not afraid to speak her mind.

Venus the planet of love is in Pisces, indicating she yearns for relationships that are whimsical, romantic, artistic, dreamy and emotional. She loves the feeling of being in love. Interestingly, Kate has intense Scorpio on the cusp of her house of true love and her current beau Owen Wilson is a Scorpio, as is her frequent co-star Matthew McConaughey. She is also attracted to Sagittarians, like her ex-husband Chris Robinson, who complement her Aries sun (they are both fire signs) and Capricorns, like her ex-flings Dax Shepard and Orlando Bloom, because they appeal to her Capricorn moon. Uranus, the planet of unexpected events, is also in her house of true love, indicating that she may fall in love quickly and even experience love at first site. And with the emotional, nurturing sign of Cancer on her ascendant, she likes to take care of the people in her life and motherhood is especially important to her. Indeed she has a four year old son, Ryder, who is a Capricorn.

Her personal style very much reflects her Aries/Capricorn/Cancer personality. Aries are impulsive and they are trendsetters, they never follow the crowd but just pick unique things that appeal to them. They also value comfortable clothes that they can be active in and since Aries rules the head, they love to wear hats and headbands. The Capricorn energy adds a tougher, edgier element to her style where she mixes in more masculine pieces, such as vests and blazers and leather. And simultaneously, the Cancer influence softens her entire look and gives the romantic, sexy and feminine flourishes. Both Cancer and Aries are a bit unpredictable in terms of fashion but for very different reasons. Cancers are ruled by their moods, and how they dress in the morning is totally dependent on how they are feeling that day. Aries are just impulsive and might reach for the first few things they see and mix them together in a totally unexpected way. This accounts for the great diversity in the styles she wears day to day, and also makes her unique and sexy style totally effortless and inimitable.

COMING UP: This next year is going to be a very important one for Kate. She is mostly going to be focused on her career and loving it. She will be enjoying days on the set and getting things done, but life might be a little shakier on the home front. This summer she will be going through the painful process of deciding if things that are causing her stress are really worth the commitment (ahem.. Owen Wilson) but once she decides to shake off things that aren’t working for her she will find relief. And by next spring, a truly happy, joyful chapter of her life that highlights communication, travel, learning, and exploring different interests will be in full effect.