Aries, your usual modus operandi is “get things done. NOW.” You are not one to sit around and watch paint dry and you never hesitate to let your ideas, wants and desires be known. Whatever you set your mind to, you put it out there and get on with it.

In that sense the upcoming year will be an interesting one for you, as you learn that sometimes you can catch more bees with honey, so to speak. As you move towards your goals this year, something within you is urging you to hold back a little, to play your cards a little closer to the vest than you usually do, and if you follow this instinct, you are not only sure to wrap whatever it is you want around your little finger, but also to learn some valuable lessons about how to exercise power and control over your personal life.

The one problem is, you may not be sure exactly what it is you want. With the new moon this year falling in your 4th house, a transformation of your home life is underway. Perhaps you have moved to a new city, to a new home, have been looking for a new place to live, or have had a change of occupants in your home. Things have been moving and the dust has not quite settled yet. And though you feel you are on the verge of getting around that corner, you are not quite there. There are still some romantic, maybe unrealistic, fantasies roaming around in your mind and for now you will stay in that limbo mode, weighing your options and observing the actions of others.

You will be able to relax and be patient in the face of the uncertainty of this situation for several important reasons. First of all, with Jupiter in your 2nd house of money, any financial problems you may have been experiencing will be eased this year. You could be tapped to do something unexpected for a handsome paycheck, or you could receive a settlement, or even a gift from someone in your family, out of the clear blue sky. There are opportunities to make money around so keep your eyes open.

Secondly, you are feeling the need for a change of pace and transformation within your life and lifestyle, and rather than rushing through things the way you sometimes tend to, you are finally deciding to slow down and take notice of these signs. Perhaps you have been itching for a makeover or a new style, now is the time to follow through. Perhaps some conditions you have been living with in your home or elsewhere are no longer tolerable to you, and you must make changes and move on. This situation could be related to your home situation, or it could be taking place simultaneously at a much deeper, internal level of your being.

Whatever it is, these are not the haphazard yearnings for change that sometimes grip you, but rather a deep-seated desire for a new chapter in your life, and you will be greatly aided in the task of facing any of these situation. If you focus now on your career, you will have the help of powerful people who want to support you and indeed important work projects could be coming your way this year. And while the waiting game is not really your style, what could cause a crisis of faith for you (if for no other reason than sheer frustration!) could also lead to a spiritual awakening. Especially as you see things slowly but surely falling into place maybe even better than you could have orchestrated. Both your sense of stability and your sense of spiritual power and freedom can be strengthened by shedding old baggage, and following your intuition, the same one that is telling you to hold back a little this year and see how the cards fall.

Your love life is another area where you may feel like uncertainty looms. Things are either going along just as they always have (which could be boring you) or there could be some tensions over underlying motivations and past actions which have yet to be resolved. The message for you this year is to keep your attention on sorting out what works for you from what doesn’t work for you, in your life and in your home, and these insights will easily help you determine where your paramour fits in the scheme of things. Once the spring cleaning has been done you will be more than ready for a fabulous new chapter with them, or a new flame.

Luckiest months:

June 2008: If progress has been suffocatingly slow, the gust of wind you have been waiting for will come in June. You will be feeling creative and all of your plans can manifest easily this month. But with Mercury retrograde, just be sure to re-confirm all of the important details before handing control over to another.

July 2008: Some of the situations you have been dealing with could come to a boil this month, and as long as you are ready, things might finally be turning a corner. Don’t be afraid to stand up for what you really want from this situation and things will work out in your favor.

December 2008: You will be feeling positive and hopeful and lots of good career news or advancements could come your way. Projects you started much earlier could finally be back on track and moving full steam ahead.