The astrological drama of “The Hills”

I’m not afraid to admit it, I’m totally addicted to all of the astrological drama on MTV’s “The Hills”!!

As an Aquarius, the show’s star, Lauren Conrad, is determined, independent and objective. Aquarians know what they like and what they don’t, they get into a routine with their lives and look to surround themselves with friends who enjoy the same things. Friendship and loyalty are extremely important to Aquarian women (consider how close Aquarian Jennifer Aniston keeps her best friend, Gemini Courtney Cox-Arquette). Thus her betrayal by former best friend, Virgo Heidi Montag, was a double blow but inevitable. Virgos (especially insecure Virgos), like Heidi, can be the ultimate people pleasers. First Heidi was all about pleasing Lauren, then when she fell in love with Leo Spencer Pratt, she began to dedicate her entire life to pleasing him. Leo Spencer and Aquarius Lauren are opposite signs! Leos thrive on attention and Spencer clearly did not like sharing Heidi’s affections with Lauren. 

Audrina Patridge, who has taken over the best friend role on “The Hills” is a stubborn, sensual Taurus. She has much more in common with Lauren as they are both slow to warm up to new people and become very attached once they find someone they like. This is obvious in their torturously drawn-out relationships with ex-boyfriends such as Justin “Bobby” Brescia and Jason Walther. However, being as stubborn as they are, when they butt heads things aren’t pretty. 

Whitney Port is the anti-Heidi. She is a Pisces, the opposite sign of Virgo Heidi. She is peaceful and caring, and likes to stay out of the drama. And new castmember, Lo Bosworth, who is a childhood best friend of Lauren, is her only truly compatible companion. As a Libra, Lo shares Air sign qualities with Lauren. They are both communicative, friendly and sociable. They also have the same sense of humor and can trust one another.    

Many of Lauren’s most important relationships have been with Capricorns, like her high school arch-nemesis Kristen Cavallari, her ex-boyfriend Jason Walther, and her ex-boss at “Teen Vogue” Lisa Love. Aquarians and Capricorns are not a good match, as Capricorns are more conservative and serious and can manipulate the earnest Aquarian. These Capricorns have certainly wrecked havoc on L.C.’s life!! Lets hope Lauren has learned to stay away. 

The other two men in Lauren’s life are Leo Brody Jenner and Aquarius Stephen Colletti, whose signs are also opposites! While Aquarius Stephen is more into his friends, Leo Brody likes to be the center of attention. Lauren shares her Aquarius sign with Stephen which means she feels comfortable and familiar with him, but that he sees their relationship as more of a friendship. Lauren is very attracted to Leo Brody, but he is too vain to be an attentive partner to her. And with former best friends Brody and Spencer both being Leos, they stuck together long enough to get themselves into the spotlight the Leos love to bask in, but there was just too much ego to sustain the friendship through all the drama.

Aquarius (Lauren), Taurus (Audrina) and Leo (Spencer, Brody) are all fixed signs, meaning these people have very strong personalities and are more or less set in their ways. Having so many fixed-sign stars is a good base for a multiple-season reality show like “The Hills” because it provides a certain level of predictability with the behavior of the “characters” that writers strive to maintain on scripted shows. However, “The Hills” also has just the right about of unpredictability and drama thrown in with all of the opposite signs (Aquarius/Leo, Pisces/Virgo) who tend to have love/hate relationships with one another.