4-4-2008… Beyonce and Jay Z

Jay Z and Beyonce were married Friday in a very numerologically-inspired event. The lovebirds who have been dating for about 5 years, tied the knot on 4.4 because they share 4 birthdays, Beyonce on September 4th and Jay Z on December 4th. So 4.4 suited them perfectly, and of course, 4 plus 4 equals 8, as in 2008. They are also rumored to have the 4.4.8 roman numerals tatooed on their ring fingers.

In numerology the number 4 is associated with stability, reliability and the planet Saturn. It is a number of balance and equilibrium and it lends each of them, and their marriage, a strong work ethic and a commitment to important relationships and security.

The full numerological signature of their marriage is the number 9 (4+4+2+8=18, 1+8=9). Nine is a very spiritual number. Nine represents lofty ideals and goals, and it endows their union with a healthy dose of selfishness and willingness to reach for the stars and attain great things.

Their September 4th and December 4th birthdays put them in a perfect square, that is they were born about 90 days, or 90 degrees apart from each other in a 360 degree wheel. Squares activate excitement but can be challenging. This square is between mutable signs, Virgo and Sagittarius, and indicates that they both are easily adaptable to new situations but may misunderstand one another from time to time.

Beyonce, believe it or not, is rather introverted and reflective, having both her sun (Virgo) and moon (Scorpio) in feminine signs. Jay Z on the other hand is an extroverted man who loves attention and company, with his sun (Sagittarius) and moon (Libra) in masculine signs. What unites them is Beyonces stellium in Libra (five signs!) conjunct his moon/Uranus combo. And both Jay Z and Beyonce have the moon conjunct Uranus in their birthcharts, in Libra and Scorpio respectively. This makes them both trailblazers, people who like to set their own path and be original creatively. Her Mars is also in fiery Leo, which complements his Sagittarius sun.

On April 4th, the sun was in Aries, trine Jay Z’s sun in Sagittarius. Aries can be a good sign for a marriage, especially a marriage between artists as it is a creative sign, and is also a bit selfish, meaning that the couple will be good at looking out for their own interests as a unit. If they were married in the late afternoon or early evening, as is rumored, the moon was in Pisces, conjunct romantic Venus, a good sign for a marriage.

The only red flag would be if they said their “I do’s” between 5:45 pm and 8:30 pm , when the moon was void of course. This means the moon had made its last aspect in Pisces (conjunction to Venus) and was waiting to ingress into Aries, this is a dead zone kind of time when the powerful moon is a bit aimless, and it is not recommended to do anything important when the moon in void of course. Let’s hope they stuck with their theme and got hitched at 4:40!

In any case, congratulations to the numerology-loving newlyweds!!!