Pisces Fashion Idol: Alexander McQueen

March 17, 1969 London, England noon* (time unknown)

Alexander McQueen is truly the fashion worlds “enfant terrible”. Born on the wrong side of the tracks in East London to a taxi driver father, McQueen starting designing clothes at a young age for his sisters and by the age of 16 had dropped out of school to apprentice with Saville Row tailors Anderson & Sheppard. It was here that he learned classic tailoring which has become one of the hallmarks of his style and which imbues his sometimes outrageous creations with elegance. After moving on to work in Italy for several years, McQueen returned to England at the age of 25 to work as a pattern cutter at the prestigious St. Martins College of Art and Design, but his talent was spotted quickly by the faculty and he soon enrolled in the Masters course. His entire graduation collection was bought by fashion legend, Scorpio Isabella Blow, and the rest is history.

Such is the life of a double Pisces. McQueen was born on the new moon in March 1969, with both his sun and moon in the creative, romantic, whimsical, spiritual and sensitive sign of Pisces. Having a double dose of this potent creative energy indicates a highly artistic personality. Pisces epitomize raw potential and are instinctively tuned into the world of art and creativity. Those born just after the new moon especially feel compelled to create and expose beauty. And it is guaranteed they will be doing something that no one else has done before. They are not followers, they are not greedy for money or fame. They are simply given divine inspiration and compelled to create. Though they are sensitive to the perceptions of the people around them, they do not work to please others, and as long as they are treated with respect and kindness, they are happy just to be left alone with those who inspire them in the world they have created.

Their extreme lack of ambition, in the traditional social-climbing, recognition-seeking way, should not be mistaken for a lack of talent or desire to accomplish. They do want to work, to accomplish, but on their own terms. After taking over the helm of the legendary house of Givenchy, whose founder Hubert de Givency was also a Pisces, a job that nearly every aspiring fashion designer would have treasured, McQueen quickly grew upset and restless and parted ways with the company after four years because they were “constraining his creativity”. He launched his own line with the Gucci Group in 2000.

This independent, artistic soul who beats to his own drum is exactly the type of person who always finds himself in the right situation at the right time with the right people. It was such with landing his coveted internships, with getting into St. Martins despite being poor and having little formal education, and with catching the eye of the extremely influential Isabella Blow. Being a Scorpio, who detest posers and phonys, Blow immediately resonated with McQueen and his work and became a very important patron to him. He was also handpicked against all odds by the LVMH boss, fellow Pisces Bernard Arnault, to head Givenchy despite his youth and inexperience. Because of their sincerity and emotionally trusting nature, Pisceans, especially double-Pisceans, will often inspire the confidence of important people, who have knack for incubating and supporting raw talent. The serendipity of his meeting and influencing important people can also be seen in his tight Jupiter Uranus conjunction. Jupiter is the planet of good luck and Uranus is the planet that rules sudden, unexpected events.

Much of his fashion aesthetic is also dictated by his very Piscean nature. Pisces are all about fantasy, make-believe, drama and imagination. Fashion is a way of tapping into another dimension with Pisces. And McQueens designs as well as his elaborate shows have always brought the audience into another world, his world, with style and glamour. The dresses he designs have a gothic, princess aura and the styling of the models gives them a haunting, ethereal quality. Pisces is naturally a very intuitive and emotional person and their art will reflect their feelings. If a Pisces is feeling happy and colorful, their art will show this, as is the case with his Spring 2008 collection. Though the fashion current of the moment is decidedly upbeat, Pisces is no follower, and his presentation more likely reflects a happy moment in his personal life. Similarly if Pisces are feeling dark and withdrawn their art will reflect this, like many of his earlier black-themed collections.

His Jupiter Uranus conjunction can also be seen in his creations, with the many unexpected and celebrated flourishes. And his Venus, the planet of art and beauty, in aggressive Aries shows that he will always try to stay ahead of the trend curve and continue to be relevant and fresh. Aries are also not above going strictly for shock value and indeed McQueen has never shied away from controversy in his collections. His Venus is also conjunct Saturn, the planet of restraint and hardship. Interestingly, this is not a traditionally celebrated aspect, as sensual Venus is seen to be constricted by serious Saturn, however it is an aspect that appears in the charts of many of the worlds most celebrated fashion designers. This shows that their art (Venus) is durable and well-made with precise detailing (Saturn) and also that they are able to sustain both the creative (Venus) and business (Saturn) side of their work.