March 23, 1978 Miami, FL noon* (time unknown)

Uber-blogger Perez Hilton turns 30 today. Leave it to an Aries, the sign of the warrior, to conquer unknown territory and forge their own path. Even five years ago the world of blogging was relatively new and there were myriad gossips online testing the waters and looking for an audience. Aries are pioneers and are always trying something different and revolutionary, but minding the details and following through consistently are not their forte. Perez, however, has his moon in Virgo, the sign of the perfectionist, which has given him the determination, skill and patience to succeed in a cut-throat field. It is this combination of fiesty, impatient, action-oriented (Aries) and thorough, organized and accurate (Virgo) that makes him both a front-runner in the blogging industry and a respected and feared voice in the world of celebrity journalism.

You can see the Aries/Virgo mark in his outrageous fashion sense as well. An Aries would rather be called absolutely anything than a follower, so his original, flamboyant and colorful style is a way that he sets himself apart from the crowd, and also distances himself from the ‘real’ celebrities he covers who are always copying one another, looking the same and desperately trying to avoid being on a worst dressed list, something Perez holds as an honor. But look at all the accessories (Virgo)… you know all that attention to detail takes way more time and thought than he lets on.

In his chart, Venus, the planet that rules love and beauty is also in Aries conjunct Mercury the planet that rules communication and writing… hence, he loves (Venus) to write and communicate (Mercury). And the impatient Aries signature on this conjunction means he likes to do it NOW, always the latest, so the continually updating blog format is perfect for him, and he sometimes posts dozens of pieces a day. He has Jupiter, the planet of good luck, in multi-talented Gemini, which indicates his entrepreneurial skills. He is now hosting a TV series with VH1 entitles “What Perez Sez”, is getting started on writing a book and is slated to launch a record label.

In December 2005, just as his blog was making its way out of cult status and into mainstream importance, his progressed sun moved from Aries to Taurus. The movement of the progressed sun from one sign to another happens only a few times in ones lifetime and signifies a deeply important transition and turing point of a persons energy, lifestyle and personality. Up until that point Perez had been leading the Aries life, never thinking too far down the road, just living day to day, following his instincts and trying to enjoy it all. But after a taste of the suite life as he gained more and more exposure and access to the world that he so meticulously followed, his priorities began to shift. Taurus is the sign of slow and steady growth, of acquisitions, stability, sensuality and top quality food, clothes and enjoyment. Perez likey!! Since then he has focused on growing his brand, growing his bank account and enjoying the high life. And on all counts he has been successful. Taurus is also the sign that rules music and one of the most noted things about his blog is his passion for music and what a powerful springboard his site has become to launch the careers of young musicians.

Young Mario Lavandeira Jr launched his blog, originally named “”, at some point in September 2004. At any point that September the transiting sun would have been conjunct either action-oriented Mars, the planet that rules Aries, or lucky Jupiter! Bingo! During the middle of the month it would have been conjunct both. And Mercury, planet of communication, in the superstar sign of Leo shows not only the high wattage factor of the celebs he covers but also the iconic status of the blog itself.

Perez is obviously no dummy and he has the good sense to recognize all of the help he has gotten from his determined Aries sun. In a post earlier this month about Britain’s Princess Eugenie gracing the cover of Tatler magazine he shared with is devoted fans (myself included, obviously), “Eugenie and Perezito share the same birthday – March 23rd. Aries rule!” You rule Perez!

COMING UP: There will be no shortage of random, exciting and unexpected events for the next year. But best of all, there is a tight conjunction between intense natal Pluto and the transit moon in Libra, the sign of partnership. Perez could fall in love!! Look out for for a mysterious, passionate and secretive man who could sweep you off your feet. Pisces, Libra or Scorpio men are worth taking another look at.  In June it will seem as though projects that were gaining momentum suddenly start to seem vague and disorganized, but don’t get discouraged, just regroup and be patient. Some of these project might not come to fruition until the first half of 2009 but that period will be explosive!! Just don’t get caught up in the illusion and be sure to read the fine print.