Sagittarius rockstar Chris Robinson


I have always been a fan of Chris Robinson. First of all, The Black Crowes are amazing. Second of all, he scored my very favorite free-spirited Hollywood hottie, Aries Kate Hudson. And third of all, he has managed to avoid the divorced parent roadblock and has kept a groovy relationship with Kate alive for the sake of their Capricorn son Ryder, despite their divorce. Chris was born on December 20th. His ex-wife, Kate, was born on April 19. Theirs suns are in close trine, indicating harmony and people who truly enjoy one another. It is no surprise that they have continued to remain friends.

But now, I am an even bigger fan after realizing that he has a Sagittarius tattoo on his right hand. The Sagg symbol is an arrow reaching for the stars. This describes the Sagittarius personality of someone who always sees the big picture, who is always looking at the bright side of life and is up for the next big adventure.

The Black Crowes released a new album last week called “Warpaint”. The album has already had a little bit of a scandal (aka free publicity) when “Maxim” magazine published a full review of the album, with stars and all, before their reporter had even heard a full copy of the record!!! What?!! Yup, it happened and the review was a bit malicious. Well the Crowes have had the last laugh, as “Warpaint” came in #5 on the Billboard charts in their debut week and had the #1 Billboard digital album. I can’t wait to hear it. Rock on Chris!