The life of Michelle Williams


Just before the death of her ex-fiance, Aries Heath Ledger, Virgo Michelle Williams gave an interview to Vogue UK in which she discussed, amongst other things, her view of herself as an actress and her current interests. This is what she said:

On acting:”I’m pretty self-critical, so it’s hard for me to see beyond whatever emotional state or personal problems I was having at the time. It’s hard for me to watch myself. In the Todd Haynes movie [I’m Not There] I got to play a really glamorous, controlling, manipulative girl. I was excited that he saw me in that way. I don’t know, I can’t… I’m not in a place to praise myself.”

On her current hobbies:”Bookbinding, calligraphy, embroidery. I want to do something painstaking and time-consuming which concentrates the mind. Something logical with a certain outcome to it.”

She hits some major Virgo themes here. Virgos are very self-critical and often have self-esteem problems. They are modest and reserved, seldom tooting their own horn. They are also meticulous and perfectionistic, and enjoy doing crafts that require patience, skill and dedication, such as, say, bookbinding, calligraphy and embroidery. Not the most common trends for a young starlet. But Virgos are uncommon and though they are modest, they take great pride in their work and getting the details just right.