Owen’s Bad Behavoir


PageSix.com just ran this item:

Add Owen Wilson to the list of celebs who want all the perks of fame and none of the pesky problems. Last Friday, Wilson stumbled upon a Patrón Highcroft Racing party at the Shore Club in South Beach, where instead of having fun, he berated the event photographer. A witness at the party said, “There were 150 people who watched Wilson jump across the pool, making a complete a – – of himself.” His antics prompted photographer Manny Hernandez to snap a few pictures. Hernandez told us that after he took the shots, Wilson “charged at me and started screaming at me hysterically.” Hernandez said Wilson told him to “erase those photos right now,” and to avoid further problems, he complied. Hernandez added, “I’ve been shooting in Miami for 18 years and I have a good reputation. A lot of friends and clients were there, and that looked so bad for me.” A rep for Wilson told us, “He was invited to the event and was promised there would be no media there. He didn’t yell at anybody.”

This is, unfortunately, typical Scorpio behavior. Especially double Scorpios like Owen. They love to have a good time, to seduce and be seduced by the nightlife, the good times and the beautiful people. But they are obsessed with privacy. They guard themselves and their actions, sometimes successfully, sometimes unsuccessfully, from the prying eyes of strangers, who in their mind will never understand all of the emotional complexity of their lives. Understanding and walking the line between the public and private realms can become an obsession with Scorpios, and not just famous ones.