Astrology & the Magazines



    Aside from the one page horoscope column at the back of the magazine, fashion rags to not cover astrology nearly as much as, of course, I think they should. Or do they?

    I have been noticing increasingly that magazines have been doing interviews, ‘It girl’ fashion profiles, photo spreads, and of course the coveted cover shoots with girls who happen to be the sign of that months magazine! Monthly mags usually come out about a week before the 1st of the month… right around the same time that the sun moves from one sign to the next. So just as the March 2008 magazines were hitting the stands in mid/late Feb, the sun was moving into Pisces. And gracing the covers of three of the most important monthly mags were none other than Pisces Drew Barrymore on Vogue, Pisces Eva Longoria on In Style, and Pisces Rachel Weiss on Town & Country. Rather a coincidence huh?

    So what is going on? Are fashion editors secretly using their astrological prowess to make sure that the ‘vibe’ of the star they choose for their cover a certain month matches the mood of the nation as the sun moves through that sign? Or are the editors completely oblivious to the fact that as they begin (months in advance) to plan their issue that the unseen astrological forces above are guiding them towards stars whose image somehow ‘feels right’ for the story of that month? I love to entertain the idea of a third explanation whereby a fascinating astrologer has been enlisted by publishing moguls to compare the success rate of issues that have astrologically appropriate celebrities on the cover and those that do not!! (Of course, if this has not yet been done, I am available for the job.)

    To go off on a tangent for a moment, I read recently that psychologists studied a group of strippers for a certain amount of time and found that strippers who were on the pill made significantly less tips (throughout their menstrual cycle) than strippers who were not on the pill. This of course has to do with pheromones and not astrology, but I also would not be surprised if strippers were tipped significantly better during the days before and after a full moon. The point is, ‘unseen’ forces DO have a significant impact on the economic bottom line, and that magazines probably get above-average returns for the months that they put a star on the cover who is the same sign as the solar energy that month.

    Pisces women are romantic, imaginative, creative, sensitive, perceptive and ethereal. They tend to favor feminine styles, things they connect to on an emotional level and that make them feel sexy and happy. A Pisces woman is a complex creature and she wears many hats at the same time. Fashion, for her is a way of using her imagination and connecting to different parts of herself. There is something both very modern and very old fashioned about the Pisces woman, she is unconventional but she likes things that have a bit of a retro feel, perhaps of a certain decade or era that she feels inspired by, and Pisces rules the feet so naturally naturally the Pisces woman *loves* shoes. There is also something unexpectedly tough about the Pisces, they are the under-dogs, the fighters who just won’t give up on something they desire or believe in. They are a walking contradiction, a bag of dreams and fantasies, one of those mysterious creatures where nothing seems right but everything is perfect. That is the Pisces woman.

    We all have a bit of Pisces in us, especially in March. Out of the deepest darkness of winter, but before the whirlwind of enthusiasm and fresh starts of spring, there is March, where we can look backwards and forwards and find ourselves a little bit in the spaces between. For each person the Pisces period each years feels different, but at the same time there is a bit of a pause at this time of year to get comfortable in your own skin, to quietly celebrate the person you have become and look forward to all the seeds you have sown for the future. The astrological cycle of life is ending and a new chapter begins with renewed energy after the Spring equinox on March 20th when the sun moves into Aries.

    Some highlights from the lovely Pisces ladies talking about their Pisces lives and Pisces fashion sense in the March 2008 issues:

    RACHEL WEISS on personal style: “It’s fun to dress up. To do hair and makeup, it’s like a creation; it’s a drama… I like fashion; it’s interesting. The red-carpet thing is like a fantasy part of my job. It’s an extension of when I get dressed up to play a character. It’s not real life, and it’s not who you are, but it’s fun… I love well-cut clothing that has clean lines and is romantic. I have a lot of vintage pieces.”

    EVA LONGORIA on her favorite things: “This gorgeous 1950s-style cocktail dress by Gustavo Cadile is my absolute favorite. It’s fun, but classic too… My aunt’s clutch. She was the glue of our family. It’s so beautiful and so impractical- nothing fits in it… These Christian Louboutin espadrille wedges. They’re so high! I’ve sprained by ankle walking on the cobblestones in Paris wearing them. They’re a beautiful pain.”

    DREW BARRYMORE on growing up and her “film families”: “When I first found one that I thought was safe and nurturing, I could express myself, and that was a good thing. But it was also temporary, and the heartbreak was devastating when I have to leave every single time. So I’d fight to find the next job and tribe… But as a result I can really roll, and I like to go on any adventure, and there’s a part of me that’s glad about it because I never got stuck… I have no sense of traditionalism but I am learning on my own, slowly but surely.”

    Now let us suggest some astrologically appropriate sirens for future cover stories to ensure the big bucks.

    AUGUST 2008: Traditionally among the weakest, if not THE weakest selling issue of the year (everyone is sooo self-involved during the Leo month, working on their tans and their love lives, NOT obsessing over the magazines). This issue could be spiced up with the help of some Leo ladies. It would be perfect for either new mothers Halle Berry or Jennifer Lopez to show their slimmed down figure. Also to be considered: Hayden Panettiere, Kate Beckinsdale, Charlize Theron, Amy Adams, Madonna.

    SEPTEMBER 2008: Traditionally the biggest selling issue of the year, everyone is back from the beach and ready for some new clothes. The fall advertising campaigns are launched in the September issue and its cover is a big coup for a celebrity. Refined Virgo fashionistas are perfect for this cover. I would suggest Salma Hayek, Michelle Williams, Cameron Diaz, Rachel Bilson, Claudia Schiffer.

    OCTOBER 2008: The fall social season is in full swing and people are friendly and flirtatious, just like beautiful Libra women. Perfect for the October covers would be Gwyneth Paltrow, Dita Von Teese, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Naomi Watts, Rachel McAdams, Marion Cotillard.