Get ready Pisces… because you are in for one hell of a year! It may seem like that fog that you are so used to living with, covering your thoughts and emotions, making big decisions difficult and obscuring the true nature of some of your most important relationships, has had its way with you recently. You have had some big (and unexpected) changes of direction in the past few years, but the good news is here: you are in the drivers seat from now on. Well, at least a most of the time, if you keep your sensors sharp.

The Pisces new moon this year falls in the 10th house of career, so exciting options will emerge from the medley of different ideas you have been pondering. A person, or people, will approach you with interesting offers and it is worth your time to consider them. It may not be exactly what you had in mind, but it could be just the right thing. Indeed partnerships of any kind will be lucky for you this year, so if you have been hurt recently, try to shake it off and give trust and collaboration another shot, just make sure you don’t make the same mistake twice. And consider the long term effects of this partnership carefully, because should you choose to work together, this person will continue to have a strong influence over you in the years to come. It is possible that these people will reach out to you through mutual friends so keep your eyes open.

Your career and partnership sectors are strong this year, as is your travel sector, and it appears that many of the creative visions and aspirations that you have spent time pondering are finally coming into fruition. As it has been for you recently, sudden, unexpected events might trigger a wave of advancement but this is something to embrace, as you will always know instinctively which opportunities are ripe for the picking. Just remember, the more you keep control over your daily activities and try to hold yourself to a schedule (rather a difficult task for most Pisces), the more you will succeed in getting your message across and sharpening your craft. Once your passion has moved from the realm of theoretical to physical, you must be able to do the work to manifest your goals.

Especially fortunate for you this year would be any kind of endeavor that involves art, writing, publishing, science, technology, law, government, people from other countries, philosophy, education and travel. You are an artist at heart, and while you sometimes have trouble expressing your insights, this year, you will be able to draw others magnetically towards seeing your point of view. And best of all, the inspiration you have been feeling will continue to flow. Hold your cards a little bit close to your chest but mostly just relax and expect that all of life’s unexpected twist and turns (and the people you meet through them) will be guiding you effortlessly and happily in the right direction this year.

In love you will have no shortage of excitement either! If you are already attached and in love, look forward to a return to the honeymoon stage; true romance and passion are in the cards. However, if things have been rough for a while now, then you will most likely have to face the music, as a Mars/Pluto opposition draws demons out into the open for confrontation and resolution. If this person has been standing in the way of your career advancement things could be especially tough, but you will know if this is a relationship worth fighting for or not. If you are single, keep your eyes open and enjoy the ride! You have always been drawn to unconventional types and this year a few will appear who have more in common with you than you might think at first. Traveling, at work and through mutual friends are the places where this magical creature might appear to you. It could be love at first sight.

Luckiest months:

July 2008: It could start to feel like everything is happening all at once. You are inspired and active creatively, you are meeting all kinds of interesting people and you are feeling happy and self-confident. Just go with it!

October 2008: You are finally starting to see the results of all of your hard work! Don’t slow down your efforts now.

January 2009: You will have clarity of purpose and strong conviction in your actions. Good luck will come from communicating effectively.