March 2, 1968 Chester, England noon* (time unknown)

Many people had doubts when a virtual unknown was cast as the infamous spy James Bond in the most recent installment of the series. Though a well respected actor in the UK, Daniel Craig had his detractors in Hollywood. Virtually all of them were silenced when his first stab at 007, “Casino Royale” was a resounding success. As a Pisces, Craig might not at first blush seem right for such a macho role, but after closer consideration it becomes clear why he is the perfect fit for the legendary lothario.Though Pisces men have a reputation for being emotional and peaceful, this is only part of the story. First of all, in adulthood most Pisces have their progressed sun in the thoroughly masculine sign of Aries, giving them a boost of creative fire and no-nonsense confidence. Second of all, when it comes to being a spy, more than just muscles, guns and flashy cars are necessary. To be a good spy you must be a master actor, have incredible awareness of your surroundings at all times, and have flawless instincts about the motivations of others. Pisces rules the dream world, fantasy, facade, mystery, and psychic abilities. Sounds like a perfect spy to me. Not to mention, that Pisces men are legendary lovers.

Craig’s chart in particular adds to this Pisces medley just the right amount of fire and bravado to imply he was more or less born for this role. His moon is in assertive Aries, conjunct Mars, the planet of action (which rules Aries) and Saturn the planet of death and reality. Mars in aspect with Saturn is almost always found in the charts of people who choose a career in the military. They are comfortable with structure (Saturn), combat (Mars), and the realities of war. The fact that this conjunction is in Mars-ruled Aries, conjunct his moon, makes it all the more powerful. Craig is a man who is unafraid to act on his own instincts, in his work and in his personal life. This, of course, makes him all the more convincing as an assassin and agent of espionage.

His combination of aggressive fire and intuitive water, creates a bold, dramatic Bond character, different from the ones we are used to seeing on the big screen. His immediate predecessor, Pierce Brosnan, is an earthy Taurus, with many other planets in Taurus and in Air signs. He was the sensual, intellectual Bond. The action took a back seat to his bullish good looks and suave demeanor. Sean Connery is a Virgo, the opposite sign of Pisces. There are some interesting commonalities between his chart and Craig’s however. They both have that strong Saturn, Craig’s conjunct Mars and the moon in Aries, and Connery’s conjunct his ascendant in Capricorn. This lends them credibility playing military roles. And Connery’s sun is conjunct Neptune, the planet that rules Pisces, indicating that he is a fantastic actor, and that he is in touch with that sensitive Pisces intuition. Connery’s Mars in Gemini is what gives him his playful quality, and it is the Saturn (the planet that ages gracefully) on the ascendant that made him irresistibly handsome, even as he continued to mature. As a Libra, Roger Moore’s James Bond had more in common with Pierce Brosnan’s style, emphasizing the alluring, playboy aspects of the character, both signs being ruled by loved-up Venus. But Moore also had his sun conjunct action-oriented Mars. Ian Fleming, the author of the James Bond character, was a Gemini with his moon in Taurus, indicating that he himself probably preferred the glamour bits over the action bits as well.

Craig’s latest foray into 007, “Quantum of Solace”, is currently filming in Austria and due for release on November 7, 2008. The sun’s annual sojourn through Scorpio, from late October through late November, is a great time to premiere any kind of movie that has to do with the military, police, under-cover groups or gangs, mysteries, war and psychological thrillers as Scorpio has roots in all of these matters (“No Country for Old Men” came out during the Scorpio month last year). This promises to be an intense Bond, so get ready to have your martini shaken, not stirred.