Naughty Natalie and Sexy Scarlett


The stars of the upcoming film “The Other Boleyn Girl”, Gemini Natalie Portman and Sagittarius Scarlett Johansson, are opposite signs. This was some inspired casting on the part of the producers as opposite signs in lead roles almost always light up the screen together and make each other look fabulous (think Gemini Angelina Jolie and Sagittarius Brad Pitt in “Mr and Mrs Smith” or Leo Charlize Theron and Aquarius Christina Ricci in “Monster”). As friends, lovers, or siblings this is a magical combination on screen.

Opposite signs are really like two sides of the same coin. Both signs are outgoing, energetic, curious and adventurous, while Sag Scarlett is more fiery and bold and Gemini Natalie is more thoughtful and communicative. They speak differently and act differently but really they are more or less on the same path. And the Gemini/Sagittarius path is one of self-expression, creativity, knowledge, travel, international affairs and finding a spiritual path through community involvement and educating yourself and others. Indeed both acresses have been vocal about the importance of charity work in their lives and are speaking up about their favorites in the upcoming election. For Scarlett it is Leo Barack Obama, while Natalie is on the team of Scorpio Hilary Clinton. Sometimes opposite signs can’t stand each other but most of the time they click immediately and this seems to be the case with these beguiling ingenues. Both signs also are famous for their youthful looks and personality which are captured perfectly in their cover shot for next month’s “W” magazine, shot by photographer Steven Klein (who also shot Brad and Angelina’s famous “W” pictoral).

Interestingly, on February 29th, the night the movie opens in the United States, Mars, the planet of action, is in its final stages of a long trip through Gemini, while the sensitive, quick moving moon is in Sagittarius. This indicates that Natalie’s character dominates the action in the film while Scarlett’s character tugs on the heart strings and gets the audience emotionally involved. All of the other planets line up to show that the film will be very well received, that it is both well written and visually beautiful. While it may not have an action movie opening weekend with box office smashing numbers it looks to be very successful. Eric Bana is also very well cast as King Henry VIII, whose affections the young sisters fight for. Leo, after
all, is the sign of royalty, and both Geminis and Sagittarians have wonderful chemistry with Leos.