February 12, 1980 Santa Monica, CA noon* (time unknown)

Child star turned indie movie goddess Christina Ricci turns 28 today. Christina first hit the big time as the unforgettable Wednesday Adams in “The Adams Family” movies when screen legend, Cancer Anjelica Huston played her mother. This was only after playing daughter to the one and only Cher, a Taurus, in her first film, “Mermaids”. Not a bad way to start out in Hollywood. Aquarian girls a little bit quirky, into their own thing and good at playing equally unusual roles. The Aquarian is a very fixed personality, she is set in her ways and true to herself, and this helps her figure out what is right for her early on in life and not bother with the rest of it. As an actress it also helps her get into characters who are also very fixed personalities, playing their addiction or neurosis or indifference to a tee. So it is no surprise that some of Christina’s most memorable roles are the morbid Wednesday Adams, a mentally ill student in “Prozac Nation”, a manipulative drifter in “The Opposite of Sex” and most recently a nymphomaniac in “Black Snake Moan”. Christina is also one of those rare actresses who can bounce between shooting major studio movies, television guest spots and well-recieved indies with ease. Again, she knows what works for her, she enjoys her work and she doesn’t subscribe to anyone else’s dictums of the do’s and don’ts of Hollywood. And she has all the better career for it.

Christina’s self confidence and fixed personality also come across in her fashion sense. Like most Aquarian women, she finds a look that works for her early on and doesn’t budge. Well maybe not too early on. Many Aquarians falter a bit in their very early years, going for looks that are either too matchy-matchy or downright clownish and costumey. It is really only once they start to get who they are and into their groove that their style becomes as steady and consistent as their famous work ethic. For Christina this means classic, traditional looks with a modern edge. Never too preppy or uptight, she nonetheless manages to go for looks that are simple, casual and chic, with minimal jewelry and accessories. There are some Aquarians whose fixed style is monochrome only (think Jennifer Aniston) but most water-bearers are not afraid of color and can wear deep colors like purple and marigold that other, less assured types find hard to pull off.

Because each Aquarian really beats to their own drum they are perhaps the hardest sign in the zodiac to really make generalizations about their personal style. So the moon sign of an Aquarian lady gives the most hints about her taste. Christina’s moon sign is Capricorn and this expresses itself in her sage business decisions (Capricorn is the sign of career) as well as in her fashion sense, simplifying her wardrobe elements into trusted, high quality classics with a bit of sassy unisex detailing. Venus, the planet of art and beauty, is in Aries in her chart, showing that she enjoys being spontaneous and active and thus comfort is important for her looks as well. Her cool, classic, independent style has made her a favorite of Calvin Klein’s Francisco Costa, Louis Vuitton’s Marc Jacobs, and the Proenza Schouler team.