2008: The Year Aquarian Women find *True Love*


Some of the most famous singletons in Tinsletown are fair Aquarian ladies. Sheryl Crow, at 44, has never been married. Minnie Driver has dated just about every bold faced name out there and has also never married. Despite serious relationships with Aries Heath Ledger, Aquarian Ed Burns, and several others, Heather Graham has never walked down the aisle.

And then there are the famous divorcees. Jennifer Aniston, of course is the most famous divorcee in the world seemingly. Denise Richards has probably been shooting herself in the foot with her recent antics if she is hoping to find another mate, but she certainly falls into the category of single Aquarian. And the beautiful Brit, Jemima Khan, is the most desirable divorcee in the UK, and by most accounts her rocky on/off romance with Virgo Hugh Grant may finally be finished.

Even young Hollywood Aquarians seem to be on an eternal quest for true love. Lauren Conrad always falls for the wrong guys, and this has become a major talking point on “The Hills”. Mischa Barton has dated a few Hollywood players, but her disappointment at not having a good steady is said to have contributed to her recent Lohan-esque troubles. And serial dater Paris Hilton said that all she wanted for Christmas this year was “a boyfriend”.

Well good news is here Aquarians. This is going to be a very lucky year for you. But that doesn’t necessarily means you should just lounge around looking gorgeous and waiting for a delicious surprise to fall into your lap. You have had a lot of lessons about what partnership means, in love and friendship, and about trust and commitment, in the past few years. And you have felt the sting of disappointment. But if you are still blaming everything on the other party, you might not have really learned the right lesson.

If, however, you have been able to cast an eye on your own behavior and take responsibility for your part in how things have turned out, then rest assured the worst is over. You might still be sorting things out but the dark cloud has lifted and if you are ready then great things are on the horizon, both with your relationship with yourself and the very likely appearance of that magical other you have been waiting for. He may not be the type you thought you liked at all… but come on… haven’t you learned your lesson already!

Be on the lookout for: Capricorn, Pisces, Leo, Sagittarius, Libra
And some helpful dating advice should you find yourself out to dinner with one of these studs..

Capricorn: He is going through some heavy stuff right now, kind of like what you were going through, so you can win him over by listening, smiling and nodding

Pisces: With an artistic spirit and a rebellious streak, this is a great match for you. Pisces is in a great place emotionally and you two can get lost in deep conversation over bottles of wine.

Leo: You love the look of a self-confident Leo and they will be loving you right back. Always creative, he is finding new ways to express himself all the time and he really loves your admiration and support. Then relax and let him spoil you.

Sagittarius: Intelligent, motivated and adventurous.. where did this guy come from? Sagg is feeling inspired and courageous right now so if he grabs your hand, go along for the ride. It is sure to be a grand time.

Libra: Fair minded Libra men will be winning you over with good times and good company. They are sincere so why not give it a shot?