Astrology & the Sarkozy wedding


Nicolas Sarkozy – January 28, 1955 Paris, France 10 pm
Carla Bruni – December 23, 1966 Turin, Italy 6:10 pm
Marriage – February 2, 2008 Paris, France 11 am (*or slightly later)

One of the most fascinating spectacles in the world of politics and astrology has been unfolding over the course of the past several months and it culminated yesterday with the surprise announcement that the President of France, Aquarian Nicolas Sarkozy, had married his girlfriend of 3 months, Italian former model and singer, Capricorn Carla Bruni, in his Paris office Saturday morning. Speculation had been rampant that the two were planning to wed, maybe even that they were pregnant but the speed at which this courtship took place has left onlookers shocked and riveted.

Well, I guess you could say that Aquarians, ruled by the unpredictable planet Uranus, are made to shock. After all, the first shock of his presidency came when he split with his second wife, glamorous Scorpio Cecilia, who had been instrumental to his campaign, mere weeks after his induction. Sarkozy has his moon in restless, impatient Aries, conjunct Mars, the planet of action that rules Aries. This is a man who follows his instincts and acts swiftly when he has made up his mind. But his unpredictable Uranus is conjunct Jupiter, the planet of good luck, ensuring that his impulsiveness will be a strength rather than a liability. His rising sign is steady, meticulous Virgo, lending him an air of stability and his chart ruler, Mercury, is in Aquarius in his fifth house of personal power along with his sun, giving him tremendous confidence in his own abilities. His progressed sun ingressed from Pisces into Aries in the fall of 2006 as he began his aggressive bid for the Presidency which he secured when he won the election on May 6, 2007.

Bruni shares several interesting astrological aspects with Sarkozy. Like him, she has a strong and impulsive moon placement. Her moon is in Virgo, his rising sign, conjunct passionate Pluto and Uranus. These three planets on top of Sarkozy’s ascendant accounts for how quickly and completely he fell for her. Both of their progressed moons are also in romantic Pisces, giving them both a feeling that this relationship is fated. Her Mars is in his sign of Aquarius so she is connected instinctively with his solar energy. However, his basic nature is outgoing air and fire, while she is a thoroughly measured earth sign woman. Aquarians are radical and intellectual and Capricorns are more conservative and conscious of public image and reputation. But her brand of restraint could be just what he needs at this very important time in his life.

The most detrimental aspects between their charts are the strong Saturn aspects. In astrology, Saturn rules Capricorn and represents restraint, patience, endurance and cold hard reality. Her Saturn is in Aries, conjunct his moon and Mars, indicating that she could try to put a damper on his free-wheeling ways and force him to be more measured with his decision making. His Saturn is almost exactly conjunct her Venus in Scorpio, which is also conjunct Neptune. As an artist, Venus and Neptune in her fifth house is a huge part of her creativity and self-expression. His Saturn there could either help take her artistic endeavors to the next level or could dampen her enthusiasm for her work. In serious relationships, Saturn aspects are important to ensure durability and commitment but the sensitive nature of these placements might serve as a test to these two. They are both going to have to make sacrifices for the other and these aspects could very well define their relationship.

The couple were married just past 11 am on Saturday February 2, 2008 in Paris. The first thing one notices about this date, of course, is that it is very close to Sarkozy’s birthday. Sarkozy was born at 9 degrees Aquarius and the solar degree for this marriage is 12 degrees Aquarius. His stamp is strong on the nature of their relationship. However, Bruni’s progressed sun is also at 12 degrees Aquarius! She will grow and learn much from this marriage and is heavily invested in it, as her progressed sun will continue to evolve along with their relationship. Pluto, the planet of power and transformation, which ingressed into Capricorn on January 25, is very close to her natal sun at 1 degree Capricorn and indeed, as the new First Lady of France, she has, overnight, become extremely powerful. Pluto will remain close to her sun for the next several years.

In the chart of their marriage, retrograde Mercury is coming into tight conjunction with Neptune. This is an interesting aspect as it sometimes indicates people who talk one way and act another. There could be miscommunications or trouble following through on their word, as perceived by others. With the sun, Mercury and Neptune in Aquarius and Pluto, Venus and Jupiter in Capricorn, both of their natal signs are very strong in this chart. Consequently, their relationship will very much echo their personalities, unlike some marriages which seem to have a life of their own, quite unrelated to the parties within it. Again, the most sobering aspect comes from Saturn in Virgo, resting in the fifth house of romance and children. This indicates that the very public nature of his position and their relationship may detract from developing a truly intimate bond, and that they may not have children together.

At the time of their wedding the moon was in Sagittarius, a fire sign. This goes along with the three Capricorn planets they have in the ninth house to show that international travel will be an important part of their life together. With all of the Aquarius planets in the eleventh house of groups, it indicates that they will keep themselves surrounded by a large and supportive entourage. Venus, the planet of love and beauty and ruler of their chart, is beautifully aspected, conjunct Jupiter and trine Saturn, which is a very good sign indeed. And while only time will tell how blissfully this whirlwind romance will turn out, with stubborn, sensual Taurus on the ascendant they will be absolutely determined to sustain a stylish, stable, and unified front.