The Eddie Murphy marriage debacle


When I wrote the post entitle “Getting Married and Divorced this Holiday Season” several weeks ago, I never imagined that one couple would be doing both! Indeed, Aries Eddie Murphy and Aquarius Tracey Edmonds, were married on New Years day in Bora Bora in front of a slew of friends they had flown in from the US for the occasion. Then, on January 16th, amidst plans for a legal ceremony at home sometime this month, they inexplicably announced that they had broken up! So technically they were only ceremonially married and are not getting legally divorced, but still… what gives?

Aries are outgoing and impulsive, which does not necessarily describe a personality as serious and controlling as Eddie is rumored to be. His moon, however, is in secretive, passionate and determined Scorpio. So as an Aries he likes to have his own way, and as an Aries with a moon in Scorpio, he *really* likes to have his own way. His ex-wife, Nicole, is a Capricorn. When a Capricorn decides to marry somebody they have already been weighing out the pros and cons in their head for ages. Nicole was clearly comfortable with Eddie’s behavoir and made the choice to become and stay his wife, even though Aries and Capricorn are not very naturally compatible.

Aries and Aquarius, like Tracey, are a much more harmonious pairing. With one major BUT. The Aquarian woman is a very fixed personality, perhaps the most set in her ways gal in the entire zodiac. She is open-minded and accomodating, but she is not going to bend over like a reed to the every whim, or demand, of a new person in her life. Period. And this apparently did not go over so well with her new husband. While speculation is rampant about exactly what caused the split, whatever it was, there was a line, and Tracey was not willing to step over it. Interestingly, her first husband, R&B hotshot ‘Babyface’ Edmonds, is also an Aries, but with his moon in the much steadier sign of Capricorn.