Naked Pisces


I found it amusing recently when I was reading an article in the wickedly clever “Radar Magazine” about various doomsday scenarios, and they quoted several celebrities explaining their recreation of choice on the eve of the apocalypse, and both of the Pisces who were quoted were absolutely determined to get down with public nudity! Ali Larter says that she would “Take all my clothes off and swim in the ocean with dolphins, then drink champagne til dawn.” Rashida Jones has decided she would like to “Run naked across the Brooklyn Bridge- do something naked- eat an entire cake, spread it all over me naked.” Well, well. This is very typical of dreamy Pisces. Their fantasy life is so rich, vivid, romantic (sometime kinky) that they would not hesitate to throw out the most imaginative and bizarre scenarios. Lets just hope that when the end is near, neither of these ladies are caught on a boring film set in Vancouver, depriving the world of this final spectacle.

Pisces is the last sign of the twelve sign zodiac, and it is a sensitive water sign. Pisces are said to be the most universal of all the signs, as though from their watery depths they are plugged into the universal unconscious. So naturally they love deeply and find art and beauty, not shame, in nudity. When I started thinking about Pisces and nudity, suddenly it became clear that this is indeed quite a strong theme, especially in Hollywood.

In the last few years, out of nowhere, Eva Longoria has gone from being a D-list soap star to a tabloid favorite, based solely on her role in “Desperate Housewives” which, at least at first, required nothing more than being as naked as possible in every single episode. Eva Mendes is also ubiquitous in tabloid and fashion magazines these days, and though most people would be hard pressed to name even a single movie she has starred in, they are probably familiar with her nude posing for various magazines and a PETA advertisement. And we of course have to pay homage to the mother of all naked Pisces actresses, Sharon Stone, who will never live down, and probably never wants to, her infamous full frontal shot in “Basic Instinct”.