January 11, 1972     New York, NY   noon* (time unknown) 

Beautiful thespian Amanda Peet turns 36 today. 2007 has been a huge year for Amanda with the birth of her first child, daughter Frankie, on February 20. Amanda is a grounded, hard-working, perservering Capricorn. Her Pisces daughter is creative water sign, indicated that as a mother Amanda will give her child encouragement to indulge her imagination. When Frankie was born at 1 degree Pisces, Amanda, at age 35, had her progressed sun, moon and mercury conjunct in late Aquarius/early Pisces, very close to her daughters natal sun! These two will have a very strong bond. The emotional link is strengthened even more by virtue of the fact that Amanda’s moon sign, her emotional side, is also in a sensitive water sign, Scorpio.

Though the birthdate of her husband, screenwriter David Benioff, is unknown, the two were married on September 30, 2006 when the sun was in Libra. The suns annual transit through Libra is a great time to get married as Libra is the sign that rules balance, fairness and partnerships.  


Ever since she burst on the scene, Amanda has been lauded as much for her fashion sense as for her formidable acting talent. Her understated, urban chic style is the antithesis of the loud, flashy, attention-grabbing garb favored by many of her Hollywood contemporaries. She radiates cool in an uptown meets downtown way. Always polished, but never prissy. This is just the type of look that many of her fellow Capricorns enjoy as well. There is always something slightly professional about the Cap woman (her sign rules big business and public opinion), so she never wants to be seen without her best foot forward.

It is not surprising then that Capricorns have been frontrunners of the current trend of feminizing masculine staples, such as blazers and vests, as well as mixing and matching masculine and feminine elements. This describes Amanda’s style to a tee, as she is often seen in a great fitted blazer, or menswear inspired ensemble. And for the most part, Caps eschew bold colors in favor of neutrals. But they know how to add that bright dash of color in the scarf or handbag just to pick things up. Amanda’s style has been strong and consistent since she first started hitting the red carpet in the early 90s and this is another trademark of Capricorn style; once most Caps reach adulthood they have figured what works for them and what does not and they demonstrate a very distinct, and fixed, personal style.