Getting Married and Divorced this Holiday Season


There have been several high profile engagements, marriages and breakups in the past few weeks. Newly impregnated Taurus Jessica Alba and her Capricorn boyfriend, producer Cash Warren have finally gotten engaged. Both earth signs, this is a good match. They are both serious, practical and hard working. People of the same element who marry usually have a strong foundation of friendship and see things the same way. Hmm… then why the hell has Jessica been looking so miserable lately hauling herself back and forth from the gym?

Aries singer Fergie and her very handsome boyfriend, Scorpio Josh Duhamel also became engaged around Christmas. Now the Aries/Scorpio match up is a real hit or miss scenario. Both signs are very feisty, independent and determined, but in very different ways. Aries is active and enthusiastic, warm-hearted and spontaneous. Scorpio is secretive, pre-meditated, private and controlling. This is definitely a strong sexual connection, but these two have been separated by virtue of their schedules for most of the three years they have been dating. Put them under one roof together for too long and there could be fireworks, and not the good kind. Then again, if Fergie doesn’t interfere too much with Josh’s private life he could be happy to make her the Mrs… but he has already broken off one engagement.

In the divorce headlines have been Leo Sean Penn and his Aries wife Robin Wright Penn. These are two fire sign people who have a naturally harmonious connection. Well, naturally harmonious for just the 16 years they have been together I guess. Leos like Sean can make tough partners as they sometimes become, well, just plain selfish. I think this could be another case of a very well matched couple eventually being torn apart by fame and drugs and the whole Hollywood lifestyle. This is also what happened to Cancer Jessica Simpson and Scorpio Nick Lachey who were also very well matched for a life outside of the spotlight.

And garnering much less publicity but still of interest is the finalization of the divorce last week between Taurus Valerie Bertinelli and Aquarius Eddie Van Halen. This is mostly notable because they were married for a whopping 25 years, sadly, an eternity by any standard these days. Two fixed signs are definately the most likely to stick it out the longest, as they are very stubborn and hate to give up.

The marriage between Libra Dita Von Teese and Capricorn Marilyn Manson was also recently legally dissolved. Libras and Capricorns should avoid happily ever after, as together they tend to become pre-occupied with what everyone else thinks about them. Strangely, Marilyn is better suited to his young Virgo lover, Evan Rachel Wood.


Always good for a divorce scandal or two, the buxom Cancer Pamela Anderson has decided to end her short marriage to Aquarian Rick Soloman. Cancer women need a man wayyyyy more sensitive, emotional and romantic than an analytical Aquarian. Not a good match.

And then of course they was the big winter wedding in Utah between Sagittarius Katherine Heigl and her Aquarian singer hubby Josh Kelley. Saggs and Aquarians make a good match, as they are both quirky and independent. Having swapped vows when the sun was in Capricorn will lend stability and security to their marriage.