The Spice World Astrology


With the new Spice Girls reunion and world tour setting off earlier this month, the tabloids have been splashed with reports of internal strife between the ladies. They are older now, not experiencing their their first intoxicating brush with fame like ten years ago, but rather seeking to embody and protect the personal image they have cultivated for themselves over the years. Lets take a look at what the taboids are saying and what the stars are saying:

Tabloid Ginger: Geri is being painted as a problem in the group, boring her bandmates with chatter about her child and her spiritual/New Age beliefs. She is allegedly harboring fantasies that the ladies will remain together after the tour. She is also still the target of some resentment for being the one who broke the group up in the first place, when she made her exit before any of the others. And she is also annoying everyone with her constant “ab-flashing” and obsession with being skinny.

Astrology Ginger: Geri is a Leo and Leos like to be the center of attention, the star. Perhaps this is why she left the group in the first place. Having just had her first child and then gotten into the best shape of her life, it is no surprise she is riding a high right now and acting like a brassy Leo. Having had not much of a career since the group split she is loving this reunion and probably expressing her opinions too much for the likes of the others. It is just the Leo way.

Tabloid Sporty: Mel C. is painted as being the wet blanket of the team. She was the last to sign on to the reunion, only after much persuasion and still then only reluctantly. She is in a unique position as she was the least hyped star during the first Spice era, yet has had the most successful career as an individual artist since the group split. It is said that some of the other girls resent her for this, or that she is acting “above them” because of this. She also apparently angered her bandmates, all of whom are mothers, when she publicly said that she did not think that going on the road was appropriate for children.

Astrology Sporty: Mel is a Capricorn, the most career oriented sign in the zodiac. They are conservative and weigh their choices, and the impacts they will have on their career carefully. This is why she was ambivalent about the flashy reunion. It also makes sense that she only came into her element later on than the other girls, as Capricorn women, like fine wine, get better with age. And unsurprisingly, they often wait until their career is firmly settled to start a family. Her bandmates are all masculine signs (Air and Fire) while she is a feminine Earth sign. This explains why she has always kind of been the odd one out.

Tabloid Posh: As the biggest celebrity of the group, it is said that Victoria is annoying everyone by thinking she is above them. And her famously slender frame is said to especially annoy Baby Spice, Emma Bunton, who gave birth just 5 months ago. She has also been accused of hogging the spotlight and micro-managing the costumes and the tour publicity. Part of her attitude is said to spring from her inferiority complex that she believes she is the worst singer of the group.

Astrology Posh: As an Aries, Posh is impulsive, outspoken, and loves to be the leader. However, the highly coreographed nature of the entire tour and pr campaign cramps the Aries style a little bit. Perhaps this is why she seems the stiffest and least relaxed of the group. Aries are kind of lone wolfs so she propably is a bit unsure of how to gel with the whole group. She is most compatible with Ginger, they are both Fire signs, and indeed they are close friends, with Posh being the godmother to Ginger’s daughter Bluebell.

Tabloid Baby: Emma Bunton seems to garner the least amount of gossip and controversy. The only real issues revolving around her regard her insecurity about her weight after giving birth this summer. And she also also recently hurt her ankle but continued on with the show.

Astrology Baby: As an Aquarius, Emma is an interesting combination of determined and fixed individual, and a total team player. When Aquarians are involved with a group, they think in terms of the interests of the whole, but they are also stubborn when it comes to issues they care about. She also has positive astrological aspects to each of the other girls. So the girls can more or less count on Baby to stay out of the fray of the more emotional and fiesty bickering, but want her to be on their side on the big issues. And since she is so diplomatic, they respect her when she puts her foot down.

Gossip Scary: Aside from Posh, Mel B. has been in the news the most recently. She won a lot of fans on “Dancing with the Stars” and because of the relatively positive manner in which she handled her paternity fiasco with Aries Eddie Murphy. Some of the others are said to be envious of what great shape she is in after her “Dancing” workouts.

Astrology Scary: Mel is a Gemini, which means she is able to wear many hats at the same time. She has been thriving recently because she was multi-tasking as a T.V. show contestant, new mum, new wife, and doing group dance rehersals. Gemini ladies are usually pretty easy going and friendly so it is unlikely that she has been stiring the pot with the other girls.

The tour kicked off on December 2, 2007 in Montreal, Canada. This was a great time for them to start the tour, with the sun in Sagittarius. Sagg is the sign of foreign countries, attention, flashy fashion and travel. Very Spice Girls. This is especially good given the global scope of their tour and indicates that they might impress more on the road than at home in the U.K.