December 12, 1970 Catskill, NY noon* (time unknown)

The Sagittarius lady is no shrinking violet. And certainly Sagg Jennifer Connelly is striking, beautiful, dramatic and bold. Saggs are some of the most colorful, extroverted, playful and intelligent creatures of the zodiac. They have big personalities, big dreams, big goals and big laughs. And in Jennifer’s case, a big career. Indeed Jennifer is one of the few Hollywood stars whose esteem and celebrity has eclipsed their considerable accomplishments as a child star. Jennifer began acting in 1982, just after her progressed sun moved from Sagittarius into the career oriented sign of Capricorn. And in the Capricorn way, she launched her slow and steady rise to fame to achievement. She has been working ever since.

Jennifer has predominantly Sagittarius (Sun, Neptune) and Scorpio (Venus, Mars, Jupiter) energy. Her sun and Neptune in Sagittarius make her intuitive, sensitive, adventurous and spiritual. And her Venus, Mars and Jupiter in Scorpio strengthen these traits (especially her intuitiveness and spirituality) and also make her act like a Scorpio much of the time. Rather than being extroverted and bold (Sagg) all of the time, she can become withdrawn, moody, obsessive and single-minded. Scorpio is also a deeply subtle and sensual sign and this oozes out her (modifying the sometimes brassiness of Sagittarius). This dual nature can also be seen by her moon in the sign of Gemini, the twins. Those with the moon in Gemini are bright, curious, quick thinking and easily adaptable to a wide variety of situations. But they can also be moody and changeable. It is no surprise that her husband, Paul Bettany, is a Gemini. He is a man who is unintimidated by the size and strength of her personality and happy to let her follow her whimsy and her moods.

The most striking thing about her birth chart, however, is how well balanced her overall energy is. Her planets are spread rather evenly through the signs and elements. Aside from her Sagg (Fire) and Scorpio (Water) placements, she has one planet each in the Earth signs; Mercury in Capricorn, Pluto in Virgo and Saturn in Taurus. These lend her patience, ambition, and practicality and help her to reign in her naturally exuberance and extravagant Sagg/Gemini personality which without such grounding influences can be unrealistic and unfocused. Along with her Moon in Gemini, an Air sign, she has her Uranus in Libra. This means she has two or more planets in each of the elements, which makes for a balanced, well-rounded personality.

Most Sagittarius women love clothes and fashion. Being very active people, they tend to favor comfort highly in their daily lives. When at social functions, however, they loves to command the attention of all with colorful, dramatic, and unusual styles. Sometimes this means bells and whistle, but with such a refined and well-balanced character as Jennifer, this mean fashion-forward high style. Bold florals, deep reds, extravagant accessories, but only of the highest quality and in this seasons (or next seasons) must haves. Jennifer has recently become the muse of Balenciaga head designer Nicolas Ghesquiere, and made a splash recently on the red carpet in an inventive floral from the Spring 2008 collection, touted as the must-have style for the upcoming season.