Brilliant Comedians: The Scorpio-Sagittarius Connection

There is something quite amazing in showbiz that I started noticing a while back… all of the big name comedians are either Scorpio or Sagittarius! Ok, not ALL of them, but a massively disproportionate amount. Judge for yourself:

SCORPIO: Kevin Kline, Whoopi Goldberg, Sally Field, Goldie Hawn, Johnny Carson, Jenny McCarthy, Kathy Griffin, Owen Wilson, Rob Schneider, Kevin Nealon, Dennis Miller, Tracy Morgan, Danny deVito, Roseanne, John Candy, Jon Heder, Doris Roberts, Carlos Mencia, Harold Ramis, John Cleese, weird Al Yankovic

SAGITTARIUS: Jamie Lee Curtis, Bette Midler, Ben Stiller, Jon Stewart, Woody Allen, Rodney Dangerfield, Richard Pryor, Sarah Silverman, Ray Romano, Mo’Nique, Anna Faris, Eugene Levy, Andy Dick, Margaret Cho, Sam Kinison, Gary Shandling, Tracey Ullman, Christina Applegate

This is quite amazing. Let consider first why these signs would be funny. Well Sagittarius is the obvious one. Fire sign Sagg loves attention and has a great sense of humor, the typical “class clown” type comedian. They learned at an early age that making people laugh got them attention and acceptance and they have embraced this role ever since. Fire signs are also physical people so they like physical humor as well. And being goofy and putting themselves out there doesn’t really bother them as long as they get a good laugh. They are not too self-conscious.

Scorpio on the other hand is a whole different bag of tricks. Scorpio is an emotional water sign, very sensitive to the world around them. Their humor and their material comes from their emotions, sometimes from their pain, and from their accute perceptiveness of the people and situations they encounter. They laugh through their tears so to speak. And they are much more likely to bring their own personal life story and struggles into their routine, as they feel it so intensely, than their Sagg comedian counterparts. Consider Roseanne, her laughs about being from typical middle-class America. Or Jenny McCarthy riffing on being the typical blonde hot chick, and Carlos Mencia as the Mexican-American in Hollywood. They are their own battleground of pain and humor. Scorpio, however, is also known to be the most intensely private of all of the signs, so many of the Scorpio comedians no doubt use their private lives to inspire their humor, but keep the details strictly away from public consumption, like say, Johnny Carson, Whoopi Goldberg or Kevin Kline.

The Saggs on the other hand don’t necessarily dig too deep with that type of stuff and are much happier just making fun of other people and using timing to their advantage. They also have a great way of taking what could be very heavy subject matter and making it hilarious. Many of Woody Allen’s masterpieces have been stories of heartbreak or murder-mystery but he always makes them funny and easily relate-able. Ray Romano takes mid-life monotony from insufferable to laughable. And of course the one and only Jon Stewart has single-handedly brought a smile to the ridiculous world of American TV political journalism.

So it seems obvious why so many Saggs would turn to comedy for their career, but why would the private-minded Scorpio, despite their perceptiveness, become professional comedians? The answer lies in their progressed sun (if you are not familiar with solar progression please refer back to my post entitled “Progressions”). Almost all adult Scorpios have their progressed sun in Sagittarius! This means at whatever age they were when their sun ingressed into Sagittarius, they could no longer contain all of their penetrating criticisms and mockerys but felt compelled, Sagg-style, to throw it all out there for a good laugh. And they learned to love the attention too. It is worth noting as well that goofy Saggs may seems quite carefree, but most of their adult life they have their progressed sun in career-oriented Capricorn, teaching them how to use their skills to serve their bank account.