November 4, 1969 Uvalde, TX 7:34 PM

Scorpio Matthew McConaughey’s laid-back party boy persona belies a much more serious soul beneath the surface. Scorpio is an intense and philosophical sign and there is no doubt that there is something philosophical about Matt and he takes his ‘life is a beach’ attitude downright seriously. Scorpios search for the truth, rather than the surface frivolity of life, and Matthew searches for it in the realm of nature and fitness. He is an avid fitness buff and this is mostly due to his moon being in Virgo, the sign that is know to take extra special care of their diet and exercise regimes, adopting a “body as a temple” attitude. Virgos are also self-conscious and fussy, something that certainly does not come across on the exterior of his personality. But then again, Scorpios are pros at keeping their private life and feelings under the surface and carefully controlling the parts of themselves that are for public consumption. This is exacerbated even more by Scorpios who are in the public eye. His Venus, planet of love and beauty, is in very tight conjunction with Jupiter, the planet of good luck and abundance in Libra, an astrological aspect that makes him devastatingly gorgeous and sexy. Almost all Scorpios have undeniable sex appeal, but combined with this lucky Jupiter/Venus conjunction, possible lovers swarm in droves. Having flirtatious and friendly Gemini as his rising is what gives him his playful, carefree external personality (the rising sign is the sign of how others perceive you) and only adds to his appeal. Both Libra and Gemini are thoughtful Air signs, and Matthew has another important Air sign placement, his Mars at 0′ Aquarius. Mars is the planet of action and shows how one goes through life and takes action. Aquarius is the planet of the random, unexpected and unusual, indicating that he can surprise everyone, including himself, with his sometimes bizarre behavior. This makes Matthew an interesting combination of controlled and serious (Scorpio and Virgo) and whimsical and unconventional (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius). In any case, women around the world are thankful that the paparazzi manage to capture his frequent exercise outings.