October 29, 1971 Rochester, MN 11 AM

Famous thespian and fashion muse Winona Ryder turns 36 today. Scorpio Ryder grew up in a commune with her family and her parents were friends with many of the promenant artists, bohemians and intellectuals of the era including her godfather, legendary acid icon Libra Timothy Leary. Scorpio children often have unconventional childhoods, forming close bonds with grandparents or other caregivers and Ryders childhood certainly fits this description. Scorpio is a fixed water sign, incredibly deep and passionate with a yearning for intense, authentic experiences and emotions. Her moon in Pisces, another water sign, accentuates these attributes even more, turning her life into essentially one long journey for soulful experiences. Someone with such a strong water sign signature in their chart can easily get swept up in the darker side of life. Indeed, her battles with drug abuse and depression as well as her brushes with the law are well documented.

In December 2001, when she was arrested for shop-lifting in Beverly Hills, her progressed sun was in Saggitarius in the midst of a long, drawn-out conjunction with her natal Neptune, the planet of confusion, mysticism and addiction. Neptune is the ruler of Pisces, and its influence can make someone deeply psychic and artistic but also un-focused and impractical. She was clearly in the midst of a painful time in her life. By 2004 her progressed sun had moved away from Neptune and into conjunction with her natal Jupiter, the planet of good luck, spirituality and expansion. She obviously learned her lesson. And in July 2009 her progressed sun will pass over her ascendant at 13′ Saggitarius, a time when she will truly come into herself and be able to express herself creatively.

During her time in court, her sense of style was as widely discussed as her crimes. Always a fan of the vintage gamine look, she tweaked this asthetic a bit in front of the judge to more of a granny-chic look. She wore sensible pea coats and modest baby-doll styles. If there is one rule of fashion with Scorpios it is that there is never too much black, and Winona has always worn lots of black. She has also been a muse to Aries fashion designer Marc Jacobs, whose modern retro-chic styles have been beloved by the Hollywood crowd for the past decade. Scorpio is the sign of potent transformation and in her life, her film characters, and her fashion sense Winona has demonstrated the power of change.